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Dec 27, 1999


Intel Corporation today introduced Pentium® III processors at 800 MHz and 750 MHz, establishing Intel's highest levels of performance for the desktop.

"Intel's Pentium III processor is the fastest microprocessor in the desktop PC market segment," said Paul Otellini, executive vice president and general manager of the Intel Architecture Business Group. "We are committed to delivering the highest performance processors and platform solutions to our customers."

Higher Performance: Intel's 0.18 rnicron-based Pentium III processors feature the Advanced Transfer Cache and Advanced System Buffering to deliver higher performance than earlier versions based on 0.25-micron technology even at the same clock frequencies.

Intel's 0.18-Micron Process Technology: Intel began shipping processors based on 0.18-micron process technology in mid1999 and is currently shipping high-volume production based on this technology from four factories around the world, with Fab 11 in New Mexico coming on-line with the process in the first quarter of 2000. Intel's 0.18-micron process technology features structures smaller than 1/500th the thickness of a human hair.

Pricing and Availability: The Pentium III processor 800 MHz is priced at US$85 1 in 1,000-unit quantities; the 750 MHz version is priced at US$803. Both speeds are available now with volume ramping in Q1.

Intel, the world's largest chip maker, is also a leading manufacturer of computer, networking and communications products. Additional information about Intel is available at www.intel.corn/pressroom.

Internal book closure

By Khalid Majid Husain Rahman

This is to inform you that although we have done our best to make our systems fully Y2K complaint. However, since the issue is very unpredictible therefore, to avoid any unpleasant situation, we have decided to observe an internal book closure from December 27, 1999 to December 31, 1999 to update transfer and member register in respect of the following companies:-

S.No. Name of Companies

1. Al-Faysal Investment Bank Limited

2. Ismail Industries Limited

3. Tata Textile Mills Limited

4. Salfi Textile Mills Limited

5. Island Textile Mills Limited

6. First Equity Modaraba

7. First IBL Modaraba

8. Financial Link Modaraba

9. First Imrooz Modaraba


The MACH3 Flight to Pakistan

By Faisal Siddiqi

Gillette MACH3's introduction in Pakistan brings forth, the most remarkable product in the history of shaving. Gillette since dawn of the twentieth century has solely been driven by a single-minded conviction: "There is a better way to shave and we will find it." The development of MACH3 illustrates this latter point most aptly.

The Gillette blade and razor business dates back to 1901, when King Camp Gillette invented the safety razor. Finally, there was a simple and safe means to remove unwanted facial hair. Ever since those early years the world has been witness to untold number of shaving, product performance and technological innovation firsts. In the minds of modern men Gillette retains the pre-eminent position when it comes to shaving.

An overview of Gillette history shows the Company's strong commitment to technological progress. Product milestones include: the first twin blade shaving system (Gillette Trac II(®); the first win blade disposable razor (Gillette Good News (®)); the first twin-blade shaving system with a pivoting head (Gillette Atra®); the first twinblade shaving cartridge incorporating a moisturizing Lubrastrip®) (Gillette Atra Plus); the first shaving cartridge with independent spring-mounted twin blades (Gillette Sensor(®)) and the first shaving cartridge with flexible microfins (Gillette SensorExcel™) .

Gillette MACH3 with its three-blade configuration, new blade edge technology, forward pivoting action and innovative cartridge architecture, represents a giant leap for mankind in shaving technology and performance. The first and only shaving system with three progressively aligned blades, MACH3 is the most significant men shaving development since the launch of the first twin blade razor, Gillette Trac II.

As far as MACH3 is concerned it is for the first time since the 1960's that the blade edges have been fundamentally reengineered to provide superior hair-cutting performance. New technology allows Gillette to manufacture blades with a thinner edge than any other Gillette blades, enabling men to shave with less force, with drag and pull - and definitely less irritation.

Gillette has invested more than $750 million in manufacturing capital and research and development costs to bring MACH3 to the market. One stroke with the shaving system and the difference is clear. MACH3 establishes entirely new performance criteria and makes all previous products seem positively historical.

The literal meaning of MACH3, is speed three-times the speed of sound. The name evokes images of flight, and is distinctive, powerful and easy to remember. Gillette tested the MACH3 name in multiple languages and found that it is easily pronounceable and recognizable across geographies. Men made a positive connection between the advanced technology, aerodynamics and breakthrough performance associated with high-speed flight and the advanced shaving experience of Gillette MACH3.

MACH3 sets a new standard in shaving performance. The first and only shaving system with three progressively aligned blades, MACH3 provides men with a closer shave in fewer strokes with less irritation.

• The first and only shaving system with three blades positioned in a progressive configuration.

• Patented DLC comfort edges - the first significant blade edge innovation since the 1960s.

• New cushioned forward pivoting action incorporated in the cartridge.

• Indicator™ lubricating strip with Vitamin E.

• Open cartridge architecture and single-point cartridge docking.

• Independently moving sprint mounted blades.

• Soft, flexible microfins which precede the blades.

•Ergonomic metal handle with rubberized crescent shaped grips. Functional shaving organizer and cartridge holder.

Three blades positioned in a highly proprietary progressive configuration give men a closer shave in fewer strokes with less irritation. During the course of a single stroke, each blade shaves progressively closer than the one before.

The patented DLC comfort edges are thinner than any other Gillette blade edges and glide through beard hairs more easily. With MACH3 the consumer experiences less drag and pull for an extraordinarily comfortable shave.

Superior forward pivoting action, which is housed in the cartridge itself instead of the blade handle, allows the three blades to glide effortlessly along the surface of the skin while maintaining their progressive alignment.

The Indicator lubricating strip, with Vitamin E, provides skin benefits to address irritation. A blue stripe on the strip fades with use to alert men when they're no longer getting the optimal MACH3 shaving experience.

Open cartridge architecture makes rinsing and cleaning the MACH3 blades easier tham ever. The single point docking system (loading the cartridge at one point instead of two) simplifies the loading process and eliminates any guess work, since it's impossible for consumers to accidentally load a cartridge upside down,

Independently moving spring mounted blades sense and adjust to every contour of the face, adding to the closeness and comfort of the shave.

Soft, flexible microfins precede the blades to gently lift even stubborn hairs so that they stand up just before the first blade cuts them.

The ergonomic metal handle features three rubberized crescent-shaped grips, which ensure a safe, comfortable, hold throughout the entire range of shaving motions.

The shaving organizer holds both the razor and extra cartridges, stands on end for convenient storage and packs easily for travel.

Consumer testing results confirm that men prefer MACH3 for closeness, smoothness, comfort, non-irritation, razor-glide and freedom from nicks and cuts. MACH3 also reduces the need to re-shave, which can cause irritation — the single largest problem for the majority of men.

When asked to define the perfect shave, men worldwide agree upon closeness, smoothness, comfort, lack of irritation and safety. In the quest to achieve this shave, men will readily trade up to better performing shaving products. The phenomenal performance of Gillette Sensor launched in 1990 and the subsequent shift to the technologically superior SensorExcel shaving system in 1994 establish precedents for the success of MACH3.

Wherever MACH3 has been launched it has met with tremendous success. By the end of Millennium the cumulative sales of MACH3 had exceeded one Billion US Dollars. Be it America, Europe or Asia this revolutionary shaving system has sold beyond the expectations of the local markets. In most of the key markets MACH3 has already become the number one brand. In the United States it reached this much-coveted position in matter of two months.

In the Pakistani market MACH3 is expected to be launched in the second half of January 2000. George Nasser, Gillette's Director Male Grooming based in Dubai, was recently in the country and at a press conference announced the impending launch of MACH3. He also stated that in Pakistan this shaving system is expected to be highly successful.

Net Asset values of ICP Mutual Funds as on 13.12.1999

Name of Fund N.A.V. Market Price

As on As on

13.12.1999 13.12.1999

(Rs. per Share) (Rs. per Share)

01st ICP 14.77 06.50

02nd ICP 12.29 05.85

03rd ICP 17.11 08.50

04th ICP 38.46 15.25

05th ICP 12.37 09.00

06th ICP 24.71 12.15

07th ICP 13.35 07.25

08th ICP 30.37 20.00

09th ICP 41.28 30.75

10th ICP 19.66 09.00

11th ICP 18.39 07.50

12th ICP 16.48 10.00

13th ICP 37.39 16.00

14th ICP 15.08 05.50

15th ICP 14.25 07.00

16th ICP 11.84 09.90

17th ICP 14.46 11.20

18th ICP 10.97 08.15

19th ICP 16.57 08.30

20th ICP 17.56 06.40

21st ICP 04.75 01.75

22nd ICP 07.99 03.00

23rd ICP 03.92 01.80

24th ICP 04.51 01.65

25th ICP 08.62 03.00

SEMF-A 29.59 15.20


Emirates completes financing for sixth airbus

Emirates has signed a US$ 85 million financing agreement for the acquisition of the sixth of eighteen Airbus A330-200 powered by Rolls Royce Trent engines, which the carrier has on firm order. The aircraft is scheduled for delivery to the airline in Toulouse on January 24, 2000.

This sophisticated financing has been structured by Credit Agricole Indosuez as a 12-year Japanese operating lease and is guaranteed by the UK's Export Credit Guarantee Department (ECGD), Germany's HERMES and France's COFACE.

The other leading banks involved are DGZ.DekaBank-Deutsche Kommunalbank, Landesbank Rheinland-Pfalz Girozentrale and Landesbank Schleswig-Holstein Girozentrale and Kreditanstalt Fur Wiederaufbau. The debt is financed at an attractive fixed rate of 5.89%.

Maurice Flanagan, Emirates' Group Managing Director, signed the financing documents with A'nne-Marie Siffroy Pytlak, Head of Aircraft Financing, Credit Agricole Indosuez and Cornelia Thale, Vice-President of DGZ Bank.

In addition to the 18 A330-200 aircraft on firm order, Emirates also has on order three Boeing 777-300 and six long-range Airbus A340-500 aircraft. Emirates also has options on a further four Boeing 777-200, five A330-200 and 10 A340-500 aircraft.

Maurice Flanagan said: "We are very grateful for the continuing support of Credit Agricole Indosuez which is a major player in the aircraft financing market. In this deal, they have used their Japanese presence to create a low-cost funding structure for this Emirates. This is the second widebody aircraft worldwide to be financed in this manner."

"Agfa Photo-Millennia"

The Asiatic Public Relations Network recently launched a photography contest - "Agfa Photo-Millennia", to honour photojournalists, at the Karachi Press Club.

The contest, which is the first of its kind in Pakistan, is an Asiatic Public Relations special event. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for photojouralists to capture the dusk of the second millennium and the dawn of the third.

Sponsored by Agfa-Gevaert Pakistan Ltd., the contest is open to photographers of all the member publications of the All Pakistan Newspapers Society, and members of the Pakistan Association of Press Photographers. Photographers who wish to participate in the comptition may contact Asiatic Public Relations. The last date for registration is Dec 23, 1999.

The entries in the contest will be judged by a panel of prominent personalities and the winners will be awarded cash prizes of Rs. 10000, Rs. 6000 and Rs. 4000, respectively.

The event started with recitation from the Holy Quran, followed by a welcome address by Salman Ali, Manager Strategic Communications, Asiatic Public Relations. Then Vaqas Ali Khan, Manager Media Development, dilated upon the objectives of this contest, and Arshad Khan, Client Service Manager, spelled out the details of the competition. The event concluded with a question and answer session followed by Iftar.

Speaking to the press at the occasion, Vaqas Ali Khan, Manager Media Development, Asiatic Public Relations said, "The purpose of this event is to recognise and honour the contribution of photojouralists to photography in Pakistan, and it is only befitting that Agfa should collaborate with us in this momentous event".