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Department of Management Sciences, Isra University, Hyderabad

Dec 20 - 26, 1999

'We believe in quality education'

Business Schools in General

Business education is really a career professional. Globally, it has great importance. Business professionals with sound knowledge and expertise get high respect and salary packages within the country as well as outside the world.

The number of business schools offering BBA & MBA programs in the country are mushrooming but less attention is given on quality education. Many substandard Business schools in Pakistan are running with inadequate facilities and are only commercial in intent. However, there is some business schools in public as well as private sector, which appear to be role models for others.

Quality education is directly linked with the type of education and expertise available. The criteria for evaluation of business schools consists of quality of teaching, a permanent and qualified faculty, regular updating of the curricula and a quality of research for the faculty and working atmosphere, etc.

Isra University Hyderbad:

Isra University is a well reputed, autonomous and privately owned institution legislated by the Isra University Act, 1997 [Sindh Act No. V of 1997]. Isra University is the first private University of Hyderabad. The University and its affiliated hospital are located 5 kilometers away from Hyderabad City center in the backdrop of agricultural land, on the National Highway locally known as Hala Road. Extra land has also been acquired for further expansion of the academic disciplines such as engineering, pure and social sciences.

Department of Management Sciences:

The faculty of Management Sciences aims to meet the growing need for managerial expertise in Pakistan. As the world prepares to enter the next century, the fields of Management Sciences have received tremendous attractions from all walks of life.

The Management Science department of Isra University has a very brief history of about two years only. It believes in quality rather than quantity. In Isra University, the challenge for the Department of Management Sciences is to adapt foreign textbooks to the Pakistani Business Environment. The academic quality is comparable to any foreign University. Modern courses like MIS, TQM, and System Dynamics have been introduced. To cultivate ethical behaviour Humanities is taught. Permanent faculty is used because of the professionalism it offers. The MBA program provides specialization in Finance, MIS, Marketing and Management. Isra University plans to start M.Phil. and Ph.D. Programs in near future. With the emphasis on information technology a new degree program of Masters of Information Technology, has been introduced, which amalgamates Business Administration with Computer Sciences.

Programs offered:

Isra University started its program by offering admissions in faculty of Computer and Management Sciences in June 98 in BBA, BCS, MBA, MCS, MIS and MITM programs. The department is launching its M.Phil leading to Ph.D. for the faculty as well as for others in very near future (most probably w.e.f Jan 2000).


The faculty consists of foreign and Pakistan qualified teachers with Ph.D. and Masters degrees from U.K, U.S.A, Germany, IBA, ICMA's, mostly the permanent faculty and only few a visitors/adjunct faculty members. The Curriculum is kept updated in an effort to impart the best quality of education. The internships are designed to expose the students to real life situations. The students have to submit research papers on the basis of small projects to get the degree. Teachers attend seminars and short courses frequently.

Teaching Methodology:

The teaching methodology is comprised of quizzes, presentations, assignments, term papers, case studies, multimedia presentations and fieldwork. Students are actively involved through holding of seminars, guest speaker sessions and other extracurricular activities. The University follows an academic calendar that is adhered to strictly. With a student teacher ratio of 5 to 1, the students are able to get personal attention of the teacher. Every student is assigned an advisor from the faculty, to advise him on various academic activities.


Admissions start in September for the fall semester and February for the spring semester. Admissions are given strictly on merit. The students have to go through a written entrance test and an interview. Through this, the university ascertains whether the students will be able to withstand the rigour of study. The University also awards scholarships on need-cum-merit basis.


The environment is clean. The buildings are purpose built. Laboratories are equipped with state of the art equipment (audio video facilities). The classrooms are airconditioned. There are two computer laboratories equipped with most modern Pentium machines. The University has an enormous inventory of textbooks and reference material. Computer labs are equipped with Internet connection on the network. All the students and faculty members have free access to the Internet, thereof enhancing their capacity for research work.


The University provides hostel facilities to its outstation girl students at the moment. The university maintains a strict disciplinary code that helps students to lead a decent and successful life.

Dr. Asadullah Kazi

Dr. Asadullah Kazi is an Engineering Geologist by profession. He obtained M.Sc. and Ph.D. (Soil Mechanics) from the Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London, in 1965 and 1968 respectively.

Dr. Kazi is the Vice Chancellor of Isra University, Hyderabad, Pakistan. He has previously held senior technical, teaching and administrative positions at University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore; Mehran University of Engincering and Technology, Jamshoro; Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, Oslo; Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok (formerly SEATO Graduate School), United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO); King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah; and Saudi Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources.

He is associated with many professional organizations, including American Society of Civil Engineers, Southeast Asian Society for Geotechnical Engineering, International Society for Rock Mechanics, International Society for Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, and Association of Geoscientists for International development.

Dr. Kazi is the author of more than 50 scientific papers and numerous technical reports dealing with applications of geology to civil engineering practice. His research interests and field experience have provided hint a broad background in the applied aspects of site investigation as related to water retaining structures, buildings, roads, bridges and tunnels. In addition, he is experienced in ground water studies, aspects of environmental pollution, environmental impact assessment of civil and mining engineering works; engineering geological mapping; site selection for human settlements, nuclear power plants, and sanitary landfills; terrain evaluation for civil engineering purposes; prediction and zoning of floods; engineering assessments and mitigation of earthquakes and other man-made and georgical hazards.

Dr. Kazi is listed in, Marquis ( 1996-1997 edition of, "Who is Who in Science and Engineering".

Prof. Dr. Amanat Ali Jalbani


Dept. of Management Sciences,

Faculty of Computer & Management


Isra University, Hyderabad.

Dr. Amanat Ali Jalbani was formerly Professor and Chairman Department of Commerce at S. A. Latif University, Khairpur. He was actively involved there in teaching and various other academic as well as administrative activities.

Based on his established reputation as an Academician, Researcher, he was hired to establish and lead a faculty involved in imparting cutting edge education in the domain of Management Sciences (Business Studies) at Isra University, Hyderabad.

Currently he is involved in teaching at the Isra University, teaching postgraduates classes of MBA and running MBA executive programme there. He is also looking after as a Chairman of the Management Science Department

He is also an adjunct teaching Faculty & a Committee Member/Major Advisor for MS/MBA & Ph.D. programme in Management Science at SZABIST, Karachi.

He is supervising the M.Phil leading to Ph.D. Candidates/Scholars of Sindh as well as Latif University. He is also guiding & looking after the regular and executive students of M.B.A in their Internship and Term Paper Programme.