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Pakistan has become a highly smuggling-prone economy. A range and variety of smuggled products of all sorts from expensive automobiles, tyres, electronics goods as well as such daily use items as polish, toileteries, cosmetics, perfumes, clothes, garments, edibles, cigarettes, even medicines are easily available across retail outlets nationwide. PAGE highlights the imbalance caused by massive smuggling regime on the local industry and imports at the expense of national economy.



The much awaited economic package, presented by the Chief Executive Gen. Pervez Musharraf may be good for achieving the long term targets, but it has ignored the kitchen which is the most immediate concern of the masses in Pakistan.


The Government has once again succumbed to IMF's pressure for a 10 per cent average increase in POL prices and thus has ignored its multiplier effect on cost of industrial production and on prices as a whole in general.
It is not the IMF alone insisting to increase POL prices for releasing the loan but the government's own interest is also there because the oil and gas sectors are used as a major source of revenue.


Despite a horrible decline in GDP growth rate in Pakistan's major economic sectors during past 4-5 years, the revenue collection on the part of the government remains more or less same which indicates either the revenue collectors have a magic lamp for retaining their position or the tax payers are the hostage in this country.

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