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For the Record


For the record
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Mars Polar Lander: Please Phone Home
Bashir Miandad

Dec 13, 1999

*** "SOMEONE OUT there has Pound Sterling 5 million but hasn’t contacted us."

(Spokesman of a lottery awaiting a mystery winner, who scooped a quarter of the Pound Sterling 20 million super draw, two weeks after the draw)

*** "‘KILL CAPITALISM.’ ‘WTO equals World Thieves Organisation.’"

(Placards brandished by protestors at the venue of WTO summit in Seattle)

*** "NO MATTER how great the review is, I’ll always find some little criticism in it— it may be just one line— and that is what my eye will be drawn to."

(Former Beattle, Paul McCartney who is not known to read favourable reviews including the ones about his latest classical and rock ‘n’ roll albums— Working Classical and Run Devil Run)

*** "I AM demonstrating through legal cases that the judges . . . were very much a part of what was happening and that (British officials) were very aware these corners were being cut and that British justice was being used in a fairly oppressive way."

(British academic David Anderson who is compiling biographies of 1,083 Mau Mau rebels fighting British rule in Kenya between 1953-56. He said the judges colluded with colonial authorities to sent the rebels to the gallows)

*** "THIS IS a very dangerous precedent. The head of state now can meddle in different spheres of power— the Federation Council and the State Duma (upper and lower houses of parliament) and the judicial system."

(Yury Skuratov, Russia’s top law official, after losing case in the Constitutional Court against his dismissal by President Boris Yeltsin which drew fierce opposition from the parliament.)

*** "WHAT WOULD happen if such images came out of Cuba? . . . They would say that it is a flagrant, massive violation of human rights, and therefore NATO would have to be used for a humanitarian intervention."

(Cuban President Fidel Castro denouncing high-handed police action against demonstrators during WTO summit in Seattle, USA)

*** "WHAT THIS president still fails to realise is that taking money from working Americans is not an incentive to work."

(Opposition Republican Congressman, J.C. Watts, criticising President Bill Clinton’s ideas of raising taxes to get people to work)

*** "AS SOON as I get the information from the attorney general, I will summon them (and ask them): ‘Will you resign or not? I have the evidence.’"

(Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid on three unidentified ministers suspected of involvement in corruption to resign or face trials)

*** "INDIA CONTINUES to be ruled by the age-old caste system and not by its constitution."

(P. Divakar, convenor of the National Campaign on Dalit [low-caste Hindus] Human Rights which is planning to publish a ‘Black Paper’ to highlight the atrocities. The Group claims 160 million caste followers are treated as second class citizens)

*** "YOU OUGHT to hang on to that thought. In 14 months, people will be asking that question for real."

(President Clinton, replying to the mock question ‘Who was that gentleman?’ asked by musical funny-man Victor Borge after he shook his hand. Borge was one of the recipient of the Kennedy Centre for the Performaing Arts’ annual awards in Washington)

*** "THE CHILD killing issue has been resolved but the police are still trying to trace the main accused, Javed Iqbal, who is at large."

(Punjab chief secretary, Hafeez Akhtar Randhawa, on the fruitless search for the killer of over 100 runaway boys in Lahore)

*** "YOU HAVE no right to sit here. You are hovering around my office and being a sneak. These are methods they used in dictatorships. I am going to put an end to this."

(Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl admonishing a journalist attempting to probe about secret bank accounts and source of donations to his Christian Democratic Party)

Edited by Syed M. Aslam