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Pakistan faces strong market challenges in the globally competitive arena. It has all that it needs to compete but is there anyone who can consolidate these resources with wisdom and determination? this week Mohammed Murad highlights the true potential of Pakistan with areas of concentration and some suggestions.



Coloured cotton has gained popularity due to its exotic shades and higher premium. The second generation of hybrids has yielded encouraging results in Pakistan and efforts are being made for commercial cultivation.


Yasin Lakhani, president of Karachi Stock Exchange has said that bourses in Pakistan have capacity to accommodate government's plan to privatize public sector entities through stock exchanges. Citing the existing liquidity strength in the market, he referred HBL which alone collected around Rs12 billion against its Crorepati prize scheme while the overall collection of money by three major banks under the prize scheme was estimated Rs65 billion. Moreover new Government's prize bonds did not fall behind and so far attracted Rs 72 billion. All these performances give a strong signal about availability of funds in the market. 


Although the rescheduling agreements accorded with foreign creditors i.e Paris Club and London Club which has given a sigh of relief to Pakistan, yet it is a temporary phase as the agreement will expire in 2001 and a second rescheduling will be required for debt servicing.

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