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Dec 13, 1999

ChenOne kids mela in Faisalabad

ChenOne Kids Mela was celebrated in Faisalabad on Dec. 5, 1999 at ChenOne stores Faisalabad in recognition of International Children Day which was celebrated on Nov. 20, 1999 throughout the world. The important items of Mela were, Musical group performance, Magic Show, Treasure hunt, Micky Mouse clown, Jumping castle and kids cat walk with ChenOne dresses. The kid dress show and other items were open from 11 AM to 7 PM, the most important item was to meet Uncle Sargam. The venue was ChenOne Stores Faisalabad. The mela was a success and the great gathering of children along with their parents attended and appreciated the show. That was a fun-fare mela with different stalls of Eating and Refreshment. The show was inaugurated by Miss Laraib Naeem, daughter of Mr. Mohammad Naeem the Director of Planning and Marketing ChenOne Group. Organizing Committee was headed by Mr. Naveed Saeed, Country Marketing Manager ChenOne, Mr. Tariq Ayub, Branch Manager Faisalabad ChenOne and Mr. Zaheer A. Saleemi, Manager Coordination of ChenOne Group. Compering was also performed by Mr. Zaheer A. Saleemi.

The Motto of ChenOne is "International Quality on Local Prices". ChenOne is the first Pakistani store which have 5 branches all over the country and their first International Store will be open next year in Dubai.

IBA web site among the Top 50 in Asia

Institute of Business Administration, Karachi Web Site is ranked among the Top 50 best Asian Collage Web Sites and awarded as "Asiaco Asia Top 50" by ASIACO.COM, a international firm devoted to promote Asian web sites over the Internet. According to the details the company, in its latest Top 50 ranking, selected IBA's web site for "Asia Top 50 Collage Web Sites" from a list of 30,000 competing Asian web sites.

According to the head of Top 50 Award Committee Mr. H.E. Mah at Asiaco we have selected all the web sites on the basis of design, layout, information and user interface. He added that only the best Asian web sites have been selected for this award.

The students of Business and Information Technology Students (BITS) Club, of Center for Computer Studies, maintain this award winning IBA web site. Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder, Deputy Director, CCS, IBA congratulated all the BITS Web development team members specially Ahmed Ali Siddiqui and Imran Majid for their remarkable achievement. He also added that IBA, after proving itself as a leading institute in the field of Management and Finance, is now emerging as a premier institute in the field of Information Technology.

The office bearers of the BITS club also applauds the efforts done by the web development team and added that this is not only a great honour for the Institute but it is also an honour for our Country.

The BITS web development team aims to further improve the web site so that they can not only maintain their current ranking but also promote to the top of this ranking.

The list of "Asia Top 50 Collage Web Sites" can be reached at:


Successful workshop on major Rs. 5 million research held

The Pakistan Advertisers Society, the official voice of the Advertisers in Pakistan, held an intensive, information exchange workshop at the Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi on 28 October, 1999. The focus of the workshop was the recently completed, Rs. 5 million research that dealt with a 3 part study commissioned through Aftab Associates and completed just over a month ago.

The research study covered an Establishment Survey that determined the ownership of durables in households across urban Pakistan; Media Habits of urban dwellers and the standardized Classification of the Socio-Economic classes that can be demographically portrayed.

Mr. Nadeem Hussain, Citibank's General Manager and General Secretary of the PAS, who also heads the Audience Measurement Committee as its Chairperson, opened the Workshop. The study makes available to marketers a segmentation of Classes of urban Pakistanis that will become part of the vocabulary of marketing and its communications planning to enable organizations to " make better marketing decisions through research."

More than 100 attendees took the more-than-half-day to be at this interactive session that lasted till late afternoon. Representatives of advertisers, ad. agencies and media groups, besides media buying houses and research houses were represented in full strength. Banks to packaged goods companies and durables to services providers were on hand to participate in this workshop. The workshop was animatedly conducted by Raihan Merchant of PakMediacom, Zahid Jehangir of Reckitt & Colman and Quratulain Imam of Aftab Associates, Lahore. The always animated and lively Q&A session held just before lunch, lasted well over an hour, and was most ably handled by M. Anwar Chaudhary for the speakers and Council members of the Pakistan Advertisers Society.

More than 50 Advertisers, Ad. Agencies and media, including print and broadcast are the major stakeholders in funding this nationally important research study which will become the bed rock and foundation for future waves of enquiry. Even today marketers can draw upon the raw data and run specific analyses to meet their specific generic product category, particular market share and penetration and brand information needs in any of the 116 metro urban areas. A Quality Assurance rider looks to issue updates at regular intervals to further upgrade the overall standard of this epoch making study.

For further information contact:

The Exec. Director

Pakistan Advertisers Society


Reference is made to the article titled 'BITS Club of IBA' in the November 22 issue of our magazine. The second last paragraph of the article lists the names of prize winners spring semester 1999. For MBA-MIS 1, these names are printed as Ahmed Hassan, Agha Tarique, and Saad ur Rahman.

The correct names of the Prize are Ahmed Hassan, Shuaib Iqbal Nazir, and Saad ur Rahman.

Weely statement of NAVs of ICP Mutual Funds as on 29.11.1999

Name of Fund N. A. V. Market Price

As on As on

29.11.1999 29.11.1999

(Rs. Per Share) (Rs. Per Share)

01ST ICP 14.33 06.50

02ND ICP 11.50 05.85

03RD ICP 15.42 08.50

04Th ICP 31.31 15.00

05Th ICP 11.58 09.00

06Th ICP 21.18 11.50

07Th ICP 12.23 07.25

08Th ICP 27.21 18.00

09Th ICP 39.34 26.50

10Th ICP 18.70 09.50

11Th ICP 16.43 09.00

12Th ICP 14.81 10.10

13Th ICP 31.26 15.00

14Th ICP 13.61 05.50

15Th ICP 12.68 07.50

16Th ICP 10.44 09.90

17Th ICP 13.03 11.20

18Th ICP 09.43 08.15

19Th ICP 14.54 08.50

20Th ICP 15.32 06.05

21ST ICP 04.52 01.50

22ND ICP 07.15 02.50

23RD ICP 03.38 01.05

24Th ICP 04.16 00.95

25Th ICP 07.86 02.10

SEMF-A 25.15 12.90

Intel begins delivering itanium(tm) processor-based prototype systems

Intel Corporation has begun delivering prototype Itanium(tm) processor-based servers and workstations, further assisting system manufacturers, operating system vendors and application providers to complete the development and testing of products targeted for Intel's Itanium processor. Production Itanium processor-based systems are scheduled to ship in the second half of 2000.

"Delivery of Itanium processor-based prototype systems within three months of first silicon samples of the Itanium processor is a major milestone for our program," said Stephen Smith, vice president and general manager of Intel's IA-64 program. "We plan to distribute thousands of prototype systems over the next several months, in one of the broadest pre-production development programs of its kind. This creates a broad software enabling infrastructure to support Itanium processor-based servers and workstations."

The delivery of prototype systems demonstrates significant progress in the development of the Itanium processor and its platforrn, including ongoing operating system and chipset development. As a result of Intel's extensive pre-silicon simulation and testing program and similar pre-silicon work by many software vendors, all six prototype IA-64 operating systems and a variety of IA-64 applications — as well as IA-32-based operating systems and applications — are now running on an early version of the 64-bit processor. Developers had previously been working on software development through emulation for more than a year prior to receiving the prototype systems.

The network-ready prototype systems are shipping in server configurations capable of handling up to four Itanium processors. Workstation configurations are dual-processor capable. suitable for advanced technical application development. While not configured for performance testing, the systems are running at frequencies comparable to today's production servers and workstations.

Detailed performance testing of Itanium processor-based platforms is scheduled for the second quarter of 2000, while production Itanium processor-based solutions are scheduled to ship in the second half of 2000.

"Impact of internet on the business environment"

The Bahria Institute of Management & Computer Sciences, Karachi recently held a Seminar on "Impact of Internet on Business Environment". The Seminar was organized by the Information Technology Society of the Institute. Rear Admiral S. A. Baqar, Commander Karachi, was the Chief Guest at the Seminar.

Welcoming the Guests at the Seminar, Mr. Malik Amaduddin the President of the IT Society traced the history of the Internet and highlighted the growing importance of E-Commerce. He identified that Technological Developments of the era and the high pace of life had necessitated the increasing use of Internet as a vehicle for day today business.

On this occasion Dr. K. Z. Siddiqui CEO of M/S Tech Corp Holding Inc. Mr. Sana Zaidy of IBM Pakistan and Mr. Anis Motiwala of Sidat Hyder Morshed Associates, who were the speakers at the Seminar delivered very interesting and thought provoking presentations. Speaking on the value of internet to the HR manager, Mr Motiwalla stated that in recent years corporations, students, governments and even consumers have become dependent on the information highway that the internet provides at their finger tips. He added that the net has made it possible for the HR manager to select the area of training, by providing easy access to a large amount of cataloguing.

Dr. KZ Siddiqui and Mr Zaidy stated that the advent of the Internet in Pakistan less than five years ago has brought a revolution in the IT industry and in the use of computers in this part of the world. It has opened up a vision not only for the common man, but also for the industry and trade at large on the advantages of sharing information and exchanging messages and data. Broadly speaking, Internet has spurred the hype of "Electronic Commerce" in Pakistan. E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce in Pakistan today is taken to mean electronic mail (or E-mail), hybrid mail, virtual shopping malls, and on-line services. However, the core of business to business electronic commerce is rarely understood. He emphasized that the l980s and 1990s witnessed business growth patterns that are unsurpassed in the history of mankind. It allowed the businesses to re-engineer their processes, re-design their business networks and their overall business scope. It was a revolution in economies of scale that left the developing world reeling from its after effects. Business to business Electronic Commerce had provided the West with the base tools to achieve the results through re-engineering and redesign of business processes and scope. It allowed them to reduce their capital requirements, increase product throughput, increase product turnover, reduce trading cycles, improve customer services, increase profitability, and as a result reduce cost to the end user. This invigorated their economies providing strength to their industry, services and currency. It also helped them in controlling the inflation in the economies by having a higher product throughput while capping or reducing the cost to the clients.

In his speech the chief guest, Rear Admiral, S.A. Baqar, said that the importance of I T in today's hyper technological environments cannot be over emphasized. The entire concept of Communications, Commerce, Education and Governance, stands revolutionized with the adaptation of various facets of IT. The world of IT is advancing at lightening speed. Everyday a new hardware or software is being announced; thereby, reducing the degree to which students can depend on formal syllabi and books, as these are being constantly revised.

He appreciated the efforts being made the Bahria Institute in providing its students with knowledge on important subjects through Seminars which provide the students an opportunity to acquire first hand knowledge of the latest concepts, tools and techniques from the experts of the industry.

At the end the Director of the Institute Captain Ahmed Zaheer PN in his vote of thanks, appreciated the efforts put in by the programme Leader Computer Science Mr. Nazir Shaikh and Members of the IT Society in arranging the Seminar; he also thanked the Chief Guest for gracing the occasion and all the participants / Speakers for making the Seminar a success.

KIET wins the charter

Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology founded under the umbrella of Pakistan Educational Foundation in 1997 in Sindhi Muslim Society Karachi, become operative in mid 1997. Presently Computer Sciences and Management Sciences departments are functional. Courses are offered at undergraduate, graduate and Executive development levels. A large number of students are taking these courses.

On 5th December 1999; KIET received its charter in an impressive ceremony at Bahria Auditorium, Air Marshal (R) Azim Daudpota the Governor of Sindh was the Chief Guest.. It was attended by some distinguished educationists, industrialists, and parents of the students.

At the outset, Mr. Adnan-ul-Arabi Presidents of the institute welcomed the audience and thanked the parents and the students of reposing confidence in the policies and the standard of education at KIET. He said this day was possible only due to the relentless hard work of the faculty and the students to improve the quality of education in this budding institute. He also unveiled the future plans of KIET to move into a custom made campus shortly which will look after its strategies expansion plans for the next 15 years.

Two eminent speakers Dr. Junaid Ahmed who heads the National Management Consultant and Dr. Irfan Hyder Deputy Director IBA, had also been invited as guest speakers on the occasion.

Dr. Irfan Haider stressed the need of revamping academics curriculums according to the Pakistani environment and take into consideration that education without its appreciative aspect is an exercise in futility. He reiterated that the Board of Academic Council should design a curriculum based on this imperative philosophy.

Dr. Junaid pointed out that due to in ability of the Govt. sector to expand education in the masses because of meager resources it is time to welcome private sector to share this responsibility. He also pointed out that the large number of educational institutes in the province should get whole hearted support from the Govt. He advised the students to fulfill their moral obligation to take the country out of quagmire.

The Governor Air Marshal (R) Azim Daudpota underlined the need of establishing more universities in the private sector to produce more professional and skilled manpower, which he added was a requisite for boosting the industrial and commercial activities in the country. He announced the KIET administration of his fullest cooperation in upgrading the institute's standard.

In the end, the Chancellor of KIET, Dr. Izahr-ul-Hasan gave the vote of thanks and reiterated his confidence that the Institute on its part will not be failing in its responsibility and will ensure that quality education is imparted to the potential professionals to remain abreast win the changing conditions.

After the Charter Ceremony there was an informal interaction amongst the students, parents, faculty and the guests.

"IBA Jamshoro organize debate competition on the role of IMF in LDC's"

By Ms. Shafaq Fatima Baig, Student of M.B.A (Final)

As per tradition, a debate competition was held in IBA (Institute of Business Administration) on 30th October which was the outcome of the sincere wistfulness, wise guidance and encouragemnet of IBA Director Prof. Dr. Anwar Ali Shah G.Syed to polish the students mentally and intellectually.

The students of IBA took part in the competition with full zeal and zest. The topic for the debate competition decided was "Role of IMF in Less Developed Countries, Whether is Positive or Negative".

On the competition day, with the arrival of chief guest director IBA and the other faculty members, competition proceedings began. The auditorium of IBA was filled to the brim with the students to hear the speakers expressing their opinions on the topic which is also the hot issue now a days as a realization is now developed among people to assess the activities of IMF.

The competition was started with the recitation of HOLLY QURAN by an M.B.A (final) student and then the compere requested the worthy director to come on the stage and declare the competition open. With the permission of director IBA Prof. Dr. Anwar Ali Shah G.Syed, the competition began. Firstly there was an orientation by an M.B.A (final) student Ms. Shafaq Fatima Baig about IMF's inception and its areas of operation. The debates started with the coming of a student speaking in the favour of the topic.

The people speaking in favour gave the factstfigures of those programmes initiated by IMF in less developed countries (LDC's) and which improved economic and social conditions. Some speakers were telling about the latest overall education rate, literacy rate, reduced mortality rate and health care spending in LDC's. They projected the IMF's positive image by quoting various regular, concessional and emergency policies to help poor countries. Some speakers also highlighted the financial consolidation started by IMF, when there was a financial turmoil in southeast Asian countries and helped with its bail out packages.

In the mean time, there were speakers speaking against the topic. Some of them quoted IMF as an international murderer force which forced the LDC's for the removal of subsidies on basic conditions of the loans that included the basic food items and medicine. Speakers enlived the audience by describing that how IMF's police's austerity conditions reduced the availability of social services.

Hearing the speakers in favour and against the topic, there were arising contrasting pictures about the topic in people's mind. Distinguished audience was listening with much interest to the speakers speaking in favour of the topic and then watching speakers speaking against the motion, cutting the points of the speakers speaking in favour.

Director IBA as a chief judge along with two other judges were noticing the facts provided by the students so that they could weigh them for the assessment of the positions. The sight of the blazing trophies sponsored by Mehran Uniform CentreUnit:7Latifabad famous for its sparkling uniforms kept the speakers in a constant momentum to prove themselves and they also kept the audience in a lure of wonder that who will take the trophies.

Nineteen students presented their ideas. With the coming of the last speaker Judges started their assessment. Mean while with the finishing of the debates, the ex-offico of the student's affairs and a teacher famous for her creative style of teaching Madam Shamail Shah encouraged the students who participated and advised the rest of the student to show up next time. One of the interesting thing she said was that today the students felt the same experience behind the dice which the teachers experience every day and today the students got the taste of this spice.

The final and most awaited moment came for the students to hear the words of their beloved director Prof: Dr. Anwar Ali Shah G.Syed which are always destined to create a new kind of stamina among the students to work round the clock and take their future to a safer heaven. They were also waiting impatiently to hear the results. Firstly, director IBA expressed his feelings that how happy he is to see the students striving well for a competition and hoped that the students will do so in every walk of their life. In a thoughtful mood he gave thought provoking statements that how the students can achieve well the knowledge which they should in their student life and can be at their sparkling best.

Afterwards director IBA Prof: Dr. Anwar Ali Shah G.Syed finally announced the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions which went to Mr. Kashif Saleem (B.B.A III), Mr.Waheed Zaman (M.B.A) final and Ms. Shafaq Fatima Baig (M.B.A) finalrespectively.

So this was all about the competition held in IBA.The competition was held on 30th october but it has put the students on a giant and a continuous roller skate to do wonderfully well whether be it a competition or any kind of academic activity.