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Role of cmti in national development


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Role of CMTI in national development

By Col. Muhammad Ajmal
Dec 06 - 12, 1999

Construction Machinery Training Institute (CMTI) was established in 1986 with the assistance of Government of Japan. The Institute is functioning under the auspicious patronage of the Ministry of Communications and supervision of Frontier Works Organisation. The institute was basically designed to train participants in operations, maintenance, field and workshop repairs of construction machinery but now it is conducting 3 year Diploma of Associate Engineer in Mechanical Technology with Specialization in Construction Machinery Technology. Construction Machinery planning and employment and construction machinery supervisions, besides various other short duration courses. The institute is affiliated with National Training Bureau for operator and mechanic courses and with Punjab Board of Technical Education for Diploma purpose.

The status was changed from centre to institute in 1993 which is indicative of concerted efforts towards maximum utilization of existing training facilities and exhaustive enhancement in the facilities by the Government of Pakistan.

The institute is imparting in the under mentioned branches of construction machinery technology:

• Construction machinery operation and field repair.

• Workshop repair of engine and chassis.

• Diploma of Associate Engineer with Specialization in Construction Machinery Technology.

• Supervision of Construction Machinery Equipment Planning and Employment.

• Third Country Training Programme (TCTP).

In order to conduct the efficient and smooth functioning training the institute has been equipped with the most modern, sophisticated and latest training equipment.

Major Training facilities are construction machinery all types, simulators Driving Trainer, Audio Visual equipment, Editing and Dubbing Facilities, Sectionalized and cutway Models, Micro Fich, plastic camera and film preparation, overhead projector, slide projector, Mechatronic, Self Teaching Media and various minor training aids.

Workshop Machine, Rebuild power line, Engine, Chassis Test Room for Fuel Injection, Electrical system, Hydraulic System, Hydraulic Components and Engine are also provided in the institute besides part ware house and overhead cranes.

Major allied facilities are Mosque, Canteen, Dormitory and a library.

The training facilities are being utilized by different public and private sector department besides friendly countries. The major beneficiaries in public sector are National Highway Authority, NLC, CDA, WAPDA, PMDC, Provincial Irrigation Departments, Resource Development Corporation, Provisional Agricultural Department and OGDC and in the private sector fresh persons from School/Colleges, Civil Construction Firms and Friendly/Foreign Countries Construction Firms.

The institute is regularly conducting different courses in various disciplines of construction Machinery Technology and uptill now 5473 participants have been trained and are actively participating in large magnitude development Programme at home and abroad.

Recently Government of Japan had provided Grant Aid in shape of machines/equipment amounting to 1.151 Billion Japanese Yen for expansion Plan Phase-II.

The salient features of upgradation plan are 100% increase in intake of courses, commencement of Diploma of Associate Engineer in Mechanical Technology, commencement of special courses in Management and Supervision, Technique, Induction of Additional Technical Equipment, Establishment of Diploma Block and allied facilities. CMTI performance is being regularly monitored by the Government of Japan through various technical mission, i.e. post Evaluation Mission. After Care Mission, performance Evaluation Mission. In their post visit reports are mission has expressed complete satisfaction on all training activities and maintenance of the facilities in excellent condition.

This institution got international recognition in 1995 when a international course for providing training to third world countries under Third Country Training Programme (TCTP) sponsored by JICA conducted. Four courses of 4 weeks duration have already been successfully completed. Participants from 20 regional friendly countries participated in this course. The 5th is in progress from 04 October to 01 November 1999. The countries are:

Bangladesh, . Bhutan, Central Africa, Ethiopia, Ghana, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mauritius, Morocco, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, Yemen, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

It has been envisaged to upgrade the institute into college in expansion plan of Phase-III and shall able to commence the induction of B.Sc. (Mech. Engg). The negotiation and efforts are being persued vigorously with Ministry of Communication and Japan International Cooperation Agency to proceed with the 3rd phase of expansion. JICA have shown their inclination to provide necessary finance.

The institution, keeping in view the requirements of 21st Century is endeavouring to provide technically skilled manpower for the National Development Project. Being the only institute of its kind in the country, CMTI is striving hard to enhance skill standard, and to produce quality engineers, supervisors, planners, managers, efficient operators and proficient mechanics of construction machinery. The converging training in these related discipline will not only enhance life of machines but also with the induction of these trained personnel's in different departments and organizations, the pace of development projects in the country will definitely will be enhanced.