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Dec 06, 1999

*** "OUR EFFORTS to raise the circulation failed and so we are giving you, dear reader, for one day a symbolic taste of the opposite of what we stand for."

(Germany’s irreverent but witty left-wing daily Tageszeitung making good on its threat to turn the paper into a trashy tabloid briefly if it failed to sign up new subscribers. It filled its front page with sleazy pictures and sensational headlines after it got 241 new subscribers against a target of 300)

*** "HIS WAS a corrupt, dreadful regime that looted the country and which, given the big mandate he had electorally, was an absolute criminal waste."

(Peter Hain, Foreign Office Minister of UK, defending the military takeover in Pakistan in a major policy shift on softening UK stance on Pakistan)

*** "WHETHER HE is a diplomat or not, he is liable under the law . . . if there was no apology, there’s no question about it, he would have had to face the law."

(A prominent Mumbai lawyer on the dropping of the contempt of court case against US Consul General, David Good after tendering a written apology)

*** "IN REALITY it is the industrialised countries who are dumping their surplus food on world markets— a surplus generated by subsidies worth $