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This year the cotton crop size in Pakistan is estimated above 11 million bales. While it offers the opportunity to improve capacity utilization of spinning units it has also prompted declining trend in cotton prices. This trend is a source of concern. The existing spinning capacity is capable of consuming even 11 million bales if the spinners wish to do so.. The bumper cotton crop provide impetus to GDP growth and exports and efforts should be made to exploit the opportunity.


Leaving aside current year's situation when no export surplus of sugar is available, Pakistan has gained the export market. That hard earned status needed to be maintained by remaining active in the export market . Pakistan's sugar industry has the potential to raise sugar production to around 7-8 milion Tonnes, experts say.


The real estate slump has taken a heavy toll on the construction activities in the country, particularly in Karachi. Despite a 15-25 per cent decline in real estate prices there are hardly any buyer as the ‘manipulated demand and manipulated supply’ takes a nose dive. PAGE highlights the reason and the necessary changes to meet the changing socio-economic realities.


Sea food exports from Pakistan has always remain highly-prone to the increasing demands of the EU and US about quality, hygiene and environment. The value of sea food exports during the first four months of the current fiscal indicates that total exports this year would surpass that of last year’s and the measures taken to meet the requirements of the international markets.


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