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Masood Hashmi


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Masood Hashmi
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By Syed M. Aslam
Nov 22 - 28, 1999

S. Masood Hashmi is the Deputy Managing Director of the Pakistan’s largest advertising agency, Orient McCann-Erickson. At 38, he is the youngest president ever elected by the Marketing Association of Pakistan (MAP) and the first from the advertising industry.

Masood holds Diplomas in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations from London Chamber of Commerce, International Advertising Association and City College of Management Studies, London. In addition, he holds a Diploma in Leadership Development Programme from the Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business, New York.

He has been an Honorary lecturer at the University of Karachi, alma mater from which he completed his graduation in commerce. He is also visiting speaker at the reputed Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi as well other forums. He is also the secretary general of International Advertising Association (Pakistan Chapter) and representative of Pakistan Advertising Association in Pakistan Advertisers’ Society.

PAGE: Why advertising?

S. Masood Hashmi: Why not? While it is true that my association with advertising has much to do with its being my family business it is not the only reason. Advertising has always fascinated me since my childhood, much before our company reached the envious position which it holds today. I used to sing advertisement jingles in my youth so much that my friends use to ask me ‘Are you normal.’

PAGE: Do you feel there has been a change in the local advertising scene during last decade?

SMH: I believe that the only thing permanent in this world is change. Though we still lag much behind the internationally acceptable advertising standards in all fields; such as strategy, creativity, technicality and execution, we have made inroads primarily due to the growing influence of foreign satellite channels. The consumers in Pakistan are now exposed to the international media which in turn has resulted in greater demand for quality. They now are in a better position to compare things to put an immense pressure on the advertising agencies and their clients— the former to create better advertisements and the later to produce better products. However, the growing awareness on the part of consumers has been good for both the advertising agencies and their clients as they now have to deliver or be ready to be pushed out of the business.

PAGE: Is the growing demand for quality benefited the local advertising industry?

SMH: In terms of competition, yes. However, we must realise that advertising is directly related to economy. A stable and growing economy is one of the major prerequisite for advertising.