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For the Record


For the record
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Masood Hashmi
BITS club of IBA

Nov 22, 1999

*** "THE TITLE of your Cover Story should have been ‘Pakistan Has Been Saved.’ A good military government is far better than a corrupt and inept ‘democratically elected’ government . . . Never again will we allow our destiny to be controlled by robber barons like Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif."

(Excerpts from the Letters to the Editor column of Weekly Time magazine which overwhelmingly supported the military takeover in Pakistan. They were in response to the Cover Story titled ‘Can Pakistan Be Saved?’)

*** "PAKISTAN WOULD continue to interact with the Commonwealth exclusively on the basis of reciprocity, the norms of diplomatic propriety and our national interests."

(Spokesman of Pakistan Foreign Ministry dismissing the statement issued by the Commonwealth summit calling military takeover as illegal and speedy restoration of democracy)

****** "THE FAMILY should apologise and return the money which is ill-gotten."

(A former activist infuriated by a report that former Filipino dictator Ferdinand Marcos had amassed $ 100 billion by plundering the country’s resources)

*** "IF YOU write about it, it will be very embarrassing for me. People will laugh at me."

(Phoolan Devi, former Indian ‘Bandit Queen’ turned parliamentarian, talking to a newspaper after being robbed of Rs 30,000 and passport to two armed teenagers. She is still facing charges for murdering 20 men)

*** "INDIA IS acting like a HIV reservoir which, if it breaks, will cause havoc in entire South Asia."

(Vice President of the World Bank’s South Asia region, Mieko Nishimizu, during her tour of India to review AIDs control projects. She said that spread of AIDs in South Asia depends on how well India manages its anti-AIDs programmes)

*** "IF LOVE of the country was a factor ... they never would have kept silent while their leader (and his cronies) looted the country, abused his power, engineered an attack on the country’s Supreme Court through his goons and disregarded the Constitution. If they have been paid back in the same coin in which they should not complain."

(A letter to the editor in Daily Dawn Karachi refuting statement by former minister in Pakistan Muslim League’s government, Haleem Siddiqui, for equating the situation in the then East Pakistan with the current events in Pakistan)

*** "THROUGH ERROR, misjudgment and an inability to recognise the scope of the evil confronting us, we failed to do our part to help save the people of Srebrenica from the Serb campaign of mass murder."

(UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan admitting the failure to prevent the Serb massacre of thousands of Muslims in the Bosnian enclave because of errors, misjudgment and ‘an inability to recognise the scope of the evil confronting us')

*** "SUDDENLY WE heard someone shouting that Charanshah had jumped into the pyre. I ran towards the funeral spot but fell unconscious on the way. I was probably not destined to witness the holy sight."

(An eye-witness account of "saati"— an outlawed Hindu tradition which enjoins a widow to kill herself on her husband’s funeral— in the Deorala village in the Indian state of Rajasthan)

*** "NAWAZ SHARIF cannot have a valid objection to being tried in this category of courts. He himself created them and had faith in their working."

(Akram Sheikh, a lawyer, commenting on the trial of deposed prime minister in the anti-terrorist courts to help bring criminals to speedy justice)

*** "PAKISTAN DOES have very serious economic problems. These are due in part to serious corruption over the past decade. Part of this was loans obtained through political influence with no intention of repayments which has drained billions of dollars from the economy."

(Official of the US State Department endorsing the crackdown against bank defaulters in Pakistan)

Edited by Syed M. Aslam