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Nov 15 - 21, 1999

Film Star Nadeem, who ruled the lollywood for almost 30 years and played leading roles in over 250 movies, for the first time will appear in PTV serial "Bisaat".

A 13-episode tv serial " Bisaat" is to be telecast by Pakistan Television in the first month of the millenium most probably on the occasion of Eid celebrations.

Nadeem popularly known as a romantic hero in the filmworld performed memorably in a number of blockbusters like Chokri, Bandish, Ayina, Chhotay Saheb, Nadan and Anari.

His resemblance with Indian actor dilip Kumar probably probably motivated director Ehtesham of the then East pakistan to give Nadeem a life time opportunity in his film Chakori in late 60s.

Originally Nadeem was a Karachiite living in Nazimabad at that time. His original name is Nazir Baig. Currently he is living in Karachi to complete his TV serial 80 per cent of which has already been completed.

Nadeem's arrival on the small screen is likely to set a trend in Pakistan. Like bollywood, top film stars in Pakistan may also be joining the powerful electronic media in future.

PAGE: What was the motivation behind working in TV plays.

NADEEM: Giving the background of taking interest in TV plays, said it was his earnest desire to work in television however his preoccuptions in the films did not allow to spare time for TV plays. He said that he wanted to share his ideas and experiences of his vast experience of the film industry with the people at large.

Generally speaking, majority of the films are formula films and one becomes sick with stereotype style of working. Chasing, dancing and singing with heroin are the most common scenes in our film which do not give a sense of satisfaction if you want to produce something new and close to every day life.

In order to produce something new and original, Nadeem discussed with TV producers and decided to produce "Bisaat" sponsored by PTV. Main theme of the play is the brainchild of Nadeem while the director of the play has expanded it into a comprehensive story.

Nadeem said that appearing in a serial of small screen is an experience for him as he feels nervous himself about how the audience would take his efforts. In fact it is reminding him the days when he had made his debut in Chakori picturised in late 60s on the locations of the then East Pakistan. The film was however proved a super hit and Nadeem became the top notch overnight. On that occasion, Nadeem said, he was nervous due to stage fever and almost the same feelings are again keeping him on his toes unless it goes on to the screen, he observed.

PAGE: How do you feel playing side roles in films after working as hero for more than three decades?

NADEEM: " I don't feel hurt because while acting as hero in a film one is not in the real life". ' I just take my role as hero of the films as the profession of acting and not as a truth of life.

He said that he is enjoying more of doing as character actor in films because it offers opportunity to display your actual talents due to variety and diversification of the roles. Another plus point of doing character roles in films , Nadeem said, this segment of performance allows the performer to enjoy a long life as a professional in the field as compared to the leading roles of hero, he said.

PAGE: Would you like to comment on the trend of demolition of good cinema houses and their conversion into business centres ?

NADEEM: Things are changing fast around the world. We in Pakistan should also try to match the pace. Since everything is being converting into compact form. For example radio, cassette recorders, television or even cars were of the jumbo size when they were introduced. Commercial viability and economics of things have forced the producers to make them compact and commercially viable. So is the case with Cinema Houses. Running huge cinema houses is neither commercially viable nor affordable by the investors. Construction of cinema complex in which four or five small halls with a capacity of housing not more than 100 viewers is a trend all over the world. The cinegoers find it easy to visit cinema complex where they have option to select movies of their choice under one roof. He believed that this trend sooner or later would be adopted in Pakistan also.

PAGE: Why old songs are still fascinating, why music of the current day is so short lived?

NADEEM: Music is something which belongs to creativity. The music or even films for that matter have assumed the role of commercial production. The producer of the films generally gives a short notice hardly of a month to his music director or poet to produce five or six songs within that period. Now-a-days the art of creating music is treated purely on commercial grounds and if anything is produced on commercial basis one should not expect creation of music having long lasting effects. The art of creativity should not be treated like other commodities manufactured on machines. While in the past there was no time limitations for the music makers.

People in the past used to take their own time to create original things either music or films and that was the reason why the old songs are still fascinating and enjoyed by the people, he explained.