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Nov 15, 1999

*** "ADD WARM colours to your environment such as yellow, orange and especially red. These are the colours of fire . . . If you want a quick cure for fatigue, focus on something red."

(Advice given by researchers on ways to overcome fatigue)

*** "THIS IS a politically motivated petition which has garbled and mixed-up facts. Do not make the courts a political platform to fight your battles."

(A two-member bench of Delhi High Court which threw out a petition challenging the bestowing of Indian citizenship to Italian-born opposition leader Sonia Gandhi)

*** "IT’S TRULY astonishing. It’s arguably the largest creature ever to walk the earth."

(Paleontologist Richard Cifelli who examined the remains of the 60-ton and 6-feet tall dinosaur unearthed in southeastern Oklahoma in 1994)

*** "SOUTH ASIAN governments are large in size but low in efficiency. They tax the poor to enrich the wealthy."

(Findings of an independent report titled ‘Crisis of Government in South Asia.’ The human development report is published by the Islamabad-based Mahbubul Haq Foundation)

*** "KASHMIR IS at the center of the OIC’s work. We can’t ignore it or marginalise it while we study cooperation with India. A solution to this issue, ending the suffering of the people of Kashmir, would open the way to establishment of solid ties between India and Islamic world in all realms."

(Secretary General of Organisation of the Islamic Conference, Ezzedin Laraki, speaking to deputy foreign minister in Riyadh)

*** "WE WILL get rid of the IMF yoke and rely on our own resources."

(The Chief Executive of Pakistan, Gen Pervez Musharraf, addressing a gathering of Pakistani expatriates during his visit of Kuwait)

*** "JOHN HOWARD had a chance to be remembered in history as a man who shaped this nation. But he will just be remembered as the prime minister who broke his nation’s heart. He was the man who made Australia keep a foreign queen."

(Chief of Pro-Republican campaign, Malcolm Turnbull, addressing supporters after Australians vote to retain the British Queen as their head of state in the historic referendum in Australia)

*** "FRANCE CANNOT accept a situation in which the United States holds a monopoly on political authority, seeks cultural uniformity and indulges in unilateral actions because of its extraordinary edge of power in every key domain."

(French President Jacques Chirac addressing officials, experts and journalists from France, the US and 40 other countries marking the 20th anniversary of French Institute of International Affairs in Paris)

*** "THE LIVES lost in the war can never be given back, but reconciliation can still achieve a lot of good. I would welcome it if she makes such a gesture."

(Gen Constand Viljoen, former South African army chief and leader of Afrikaner Freedom Front, welcoming reports that Britain’s Queen Elizabeth will express regret for deaths in the Anglo-Boer war)

*** "IF I accepted the invitation, newspaper columnists will have a field day accusing me of going on the trip to gamble at Monaco’s renowned casinos."

(Philippines President Joseph Estrada jokingly declining an invitation to visit Monaco by crown prince Alexandre Louis Pierre)

*** "IT’S ABOUT time the government recognised just how much this country could have missed out on if we had closed our doors to the persecuted. Jobs not created, tax revenues lost, books unwritten, science unexplored."

(Chief executive of Refugee Council, Nick Hardwick, which launched a ‘Made in Britain’ campaign to illustrate refugees’ contribution to the UK)

*** "IN AN environment where rape is so pervasive we need to extend protections to rape survivors in the families."

(Spokesman of a South African medical aid company which launched a special rape insurance policy costing $ 1.8 a month. Anti-rape groups have accused the Life Sense medical insurance group to turn profit out of crime)

*** "THE FAMILY should apologise and return the money which is ill-gotten."

(A former activist infuriated by a report that former Phillipino dictator Ferdinand Marcos had amassed $ 100 billion by plundering the country’s resources)

Edited by Syed M. Aslam