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It was in 1998 when the e-commerce explosions linking products and markets with each other, with a 24-hour ease took place. It is estimated that the volume of global transactions on the Web by 2003 may exceed US$4 trillion changing the traditional distribution channels. Pakistan should not miss the train. To implement e-commerce, the country needs to address issues like infrastructure, customs duties and taxes, privacy and protection of personal data and consumer protection.



The Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OICCI) has submitted a policy paper to the government to address the concerns of the foreign investors. PAGE talked to the secretary general of OICCI, Mr Zahid Zaheer who welcomed the inclusion of such essentials for good governance as credibility, consistency, predictibility and effective implementation of policies on the agenda of the new government.


12,000 customers of KIA are attaching great hopes with the new government for recovery of Rs640 million they had paid to Nayadaur of Tawakal Group against the booking for Kia vehicles. 700 of them had made full payments while rest of them had deposited 20 per cent of the total price.


Under the WTO agreement, the deletion programme of Pakistan's automotive industry may come to a stand still after Dec.31, 1999, if Pakistan did not seriously seek a review of TRIMS at the Seattle conference to be held in the last week of current month.


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