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Oct 25 - 31, 1999

Consequent to growing needs for managerial executive and financial analysts of business and industry in Pakistan an MBA program for the first time in the University of the Punjab was started in February 1972 on a co-operative basis which comprised of the department of Administrative Science, Hailey College of Commerce, Department of Business Education (Institute of Education and Research), University Law College and the Department of Economics. The MDA (Master in Business Administration) was started on adhoc basis at the Department of Administrative Science, New Campus, University of the Punjab. The Department of Business Administration which got its inception in 1972 was also temporarily housed in the Department of Administrative Science. The admission of the first batch for the MBA program was started and completed in February 1972.

Department of Business Administration started operating independently from March 21, 1973 when it was shifted to Prui building, new campus, University of the Punjab. The initial beginning of the department was very humble. There were only two full time teachers and a skeleton administrative staff to run this very vital department of the University of the Punjab which now has assumed the flagship (department) status. The first batch constituted 34 students. The Department of Business Administration was upgraded as an Institute of Business Administration in December 1989. At present we have a total of 8 full time faculty members including the Director of the Institute.

Initially the Department started with an MBA program (four Semesters) in the morning for the fresh graduates only. Later on post graduate diploma in Business Administration and MBA evening program for serving executives were also started. These programs are run in the evening only.

So far about 1350 students have graduated from our MBA morning program. In the Post Graduation Diploma in Business Administration which is one year program so far 215 students have successfully qualified. The first batch of MBA (Evening Program) comprising of 150 students was admitted in 1994 out of which 108 students have successfully completed the program in November 1997. Currently we have two more batches in our MBA (Evening Program). The graduates of our department are well accepted in the market as our Programs are tailored to the requirements of the business and industry. To-day quite a few of our graduates are holding very senior and enviable positions in the public and the private sectors and multinationals.

The erudite goes to director IBA Punjab, Azhar Ikram and Prof. Ajmal Bhatti for their great contribution.