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Mohammad Ali Jinnah University


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Oct 25 - 31, 1999

Mohammad Ali Jinnah University is operated by the Mohammad Ali Jinnah University Trust as a comprehensive university authorized by a Government charter to award earned and honorary degrees in all fields, at all levels.

The University follows the American System for delivery of education and for award of degrees.

We think we stand in a class by ourselves; our degrees are equal to and may be compared with degrees awarded by accredited American universities. We require a student who has completed twelve years of formal education to complete at least 124 semester credit hours to earn a baccalaureate degree.

New and unique courses

Our undergraduate degree program includes a segment of almost 30% on general education: language skills, humanities, mathematics, natural and social sciences. This is unique in Pakistan.

How Useful Are the Courses for Use by the Private Sector?

We follow the curricula followed at American institutions accredited by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business, the professional accrediting agency in Business.

Non-classroom Lectures and Seminars to help Students

We schedule extension lectures by prominent scholars in various disciplines, including Business, economy, finance, international relations, government and politics, etc.

Is the Executive MBA Programs Successful?

We started our executive MBA program with almost no notice to the corporate world. We have a good enrollment; we look forward to better enrollment next semester.

Linkage with Foreign Institutions

As a university chartered by the Government of Sindh, we have authority to award our own degrees and we do not need linkages with foreign or domestic institutions to validate our degrees. We are negotiating exchange programs with some American universities.

President's message

The establishment of Jinnah is a milestone in the history of quality education in Pakistan. Jinnah delivers education, right here in Pakistan, which is equal to education received at a good American university. Our admission requirements, our physical facilities, our faculty, our curriculum, our instructional methodology, our student evaluation, everything parallels facilities and systems at a good American university. We provide our students with a challenging environment. Our faculty works hard with the students and we expect the students to work hard. We are establishing a reputation for excellence at our institution.