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Greenwich University: Masterminding achievements


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Oct 25 - 31, 1999

Greenwich University is the child of a dream aiming at dimensional expansion with enrichment. It belongs to the same process that started at the dawn of the recorded history with hunger for knowledge. This was essentially linked to the aridity and the cave surroundings spurring the need for food as well as the search for how to sustain the becoming — the being — and this was the origin of the flash-point in the endless urge in man for the advancement of creativity and its innovation. The past has been a long — long — march. To-day, we are on the doorstep of new finds, new wonders.

These things are impacting the imagination of the business administrators everywhere: they are projecting leap-frogging encapsuling the requirements and the conventional formalities of the time-machine bottomlining the targetted achievements. The ruthless spirit of activity and progress in the business world is developing phenomenally. This trend is taking every advantage of the gifts of the continuing progress in science and technology.

Our entrepreneurs have to engineer and design, at stages of their business conduct against globalisation perspective, masterminding for opening many tunnel ends. They can see how their colleagues elsewhere are using different gifts of technology like internet.

Founded over a decade ago Greenwich has become synonymous with excellence in the field of Business Management studies not only in Pakistan but also abroad. Faced with a rapidly expanding number of establishments purporting to offer extensive programs leading to nebulous qualifications, Greenwich stands out as a premier tertiary educational institution of quality and integrity. The business world today even more so in the future requires a constant input of highly trained and motivated people who are able to respond quickly and decisively to the needs of business, commerce, and the higher echelons of administration. The field of management science has changed dramatically during the past decade; and Greenwich has striven to keep pace with this change by taking full advantage of the new technology and skills. This has been possible only through the commitment of all associated with this dynamic and caring establishment.

Greenwich has always considered education a life-long endeavour, and develops its programs to meet the needs of students from diverse academic backgrounds. To assure continued success, Greenwich assesses the learning needs of the business community and works to meet these needs through maintaining a unique campus atmosphere conducive to teaching and learning. The programs seek to advance interpersonal skills, self-knowledge and the ability to work logically. They develop skills in problem solving and oral and written communications. In addition, the study and research methods and theory of cultural environmental, social, political and eeonomic systems are encouraged. Greenwich prides itself on being one of the few institutes of management studies to believe that a broad liberal arts base is fundamental to intellectual growth.

All students coming to join the Greenwich family are carefully screened before entry: for it is only by building on a strong academic base that the future success can be forged. On entry, students are streamed and monitored so that any basic weaknesses are identified and remedied whilst, at the same time, those academically stronger may proceed at a quicker pace. Continuous evaluation during a semester based system ensures each student is aware of his/her progress. No differentiation is made whether a student has taken Intermediate or followed the Cambridge system.

MBA program and BS preparations of Greenwich University precisely aim at making its boys and girls impeceably qualified — equipped — trained and capable to encounter the breakneck raging rush on the rough seas. Their alma-mater just can't want them to play second fiddles. It has made the necessary arrangements because it is committed to provide them all the needed aids: the superbly qualified faculty, the total computer facilities, the updated library, the modernized sports stadium, etc. They find internship with leading business houses and multinationals immensely beneficial. Already, a large number of Greenwichians are in substantive positions. Greenwich Alumni is fittingly looking after the nourishment of a home atmosphere on the campus. Observing on the University's location, a foreign visitor said, "The blue Arabian Sea waterfront is delightfully nestling Greenwich against a thin line of a green patch".

Greenwich is firmly alive to the strident onrush of the beginning of the 21st century which is going to impose on all students anywhere a revolutionized way of life and terrible responsibilities. This will involve not only a change of discipline but also a different style of plan and performance centrally directed toward a different achievement of a different quality, measured against the meaning of timeframe. Galvanized will then be the attitude toward the thus evolutionized way and quality of life. Illimitably measureless gains may then be expected for the human good, particularly in the economic sphere and the business world, if we can comprehend the implications of the role of the new millennium Our entrepreneurs have to be an indissoluble part of the blood and spirit of this millenniun. Greenwich University is absolutely conscious of the need to reorganise its past arrangements to make appropriate adjustments for the fast changing circumstances and requirements as a result of the necessity imposed by the millennium.