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Oct 23, 1999

*** "ABSOLUTELY, WE have always had a special relationship with China."

(Chief Executive of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf’s reply to foreign journalist's question whether the breed of his two pet Pekinese dogs give clues to his future foreign policies)

*** "IN MY VIEW any talk of peace remains hollow if Israel continues to occupy Arab territory. If there is going to be peace, there must be a complete withdrawal from those areas by areas— from the Golan Heights, from South Lebanon and from the West Bank"

(Former South African president Nelson Mandela said during his visit to occuppied Jerusalem)

*** "THE INSTINCT to support democrats and condemn military coups is correct, yet it is worth remembering that not all elected leaders are democrats and not all generals are villains."

(Excerpt from the cover story ran by ‘The Economist" about the military takeover in Pakistan)

*** "TO MY CHILDREN in this homeland, I ask you to go back to work. Don’t do anything emotional because in this podium, you see your mother standing."

(Newly elected Indonesian vice president Megawati Sukarnoputri, urged her supporters to abstain from agitation. Her surprise loss to Abdurrahman Wahid for the presidency earlier sparked violent protests in the country)

*** "$ 26.5 billion. $ 14.5 billion"

(Arms sold and bought by the US in 1998. The US was the top arms seller as well as buyer last year, according to a report published by the International Institute of Strategic Studies)

*** "THE JUDICIARY must be made accountable because without honest and efficient judges neither basic human rights can be protected nor corruption can be rooted out."

(Cricketer turned politician, Imran Khan urging starting of accountability process of the judiciary to restore public confidence)

*** "THIS IS a momemtous day for knowledge seekers everywhere . . . Purchasing Encyclopaedia Britannica was once a major milestone in a family’s life, but today we are fulfilling our promise to make it more accessible to more people worldwide."

(Don Yannias, chief executive of Britannica.com. Inc., on placing the whole 32-volume encyclopaedia free-of-charge on the internet)

*** "THE RULE . . . puts parents in control over the information collected from their children online, and is flexible enough to accommodate the many business practices and technological changes occurring on the Internet."

(Robert Pitofsky, chairman of the US Federal Trade Commission, announcing new rules which will require commercial Internet websites to obtain consent from either parents or school officials before collecting, using or transferring any personal information on children under 13 years old)

*** "IT’S RACIST and discriminatory."

(Zenaida Angara-Collins, Philippine consul general to Hong Kong, reacting to the plan of the local government of Hong Kong to impose 20 per cent tax on Filipino domestic helpers)

*** "THEY TOO are part of God’s creation. They too are God’s stewards. I impart my blessing to all your efforts and struggle for true development, justice and peace."

(Manila Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin extending support to a group of disgruntled farmers who marched on Manila to fight president John Estrada’s plan to change the Constitution)

*** "INDIA IS likely to face a serious nuclear accident in the not too distant future. I am not permitted to discuss the specifics openly, but suffice to say that the degree of automation and cross-checks on safety in our older plants are very minimal and one cannot assert at all that an accident like the one which occurred in Japan will not happen in India."

(Former chief of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board of India, A. Gopalakrishnan, who said that a report prepared in 1995 listed 130 defects in various nuclear installations)

Edited by Syed M. Aslam