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Oct 25 - 31, 1999

Sheikh Javaid, is a prominent figure among Pakistan's business community. Being a true Pakistani, Sheikh Javaid is working selflessly for over two decades for the cause of national economy. Currently he is the Chief Executive of an active Off-Shore Trading House in Karachi Export Processing Zone. He is also the Chairman of KEPZs Investors' Council. He carries various distinctions to his credit including Director of M/s. North Star Insurance Co Ltd, Member Port Council of Karachi Port Trust (KPT). Served as the Chairman of Pak-Zimbabwe Trade and Industry Committee of FPCCI, member Anti-Pilferage Sub-Committee of KCCI & KPT. Elected as the Chairman of Pakistan Shippers' Council-FPCCI in 1985 and worked in that position for 4 years. He conducted the historical Rescue Operation jointly with FPCCI and Port & Shipping Wing of Ministry of Communications through PNSC in respect of Pakistani cargo stranded at Dubai and Sharjah. He personally visited UAE and succeeded in resolving the problem amicably. He also played a vital role in another Rescue Operation for Pakistan & Indian stranded goods on board the arrested vessel at Jibouti-Africa. Again he visited Africa and UK and resolved the issue to the satisfaction of Pakistani and Indian counterparts. He also led Pakistan delegation to participate in a sub-regional Seminar jointly organized by UN-ESCAP and Freight Forwarders Association held in Mumbai, India. He has the credit to serve Pakistan business community as Chairman, Association of Shippers Councils of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan & Sri Lanka.

PAGE: What are those achievements giving you a sense of satisfaction ?

Sheikh Javaid : " During my tenure as the Chairman of Pakistan Shippers Council of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) I put tremendous amount of efforts to educate the small shippers about their rights and privileges. Generally speaking a common shipper is deprived of his rights and privileges by the exploiters". Javaid feels that he has rendered a service not only to the shippers but to the national economy by imparting education among the ignorant.

He also provided a forum for dissemination of knowledge and information by arranging seminars, workshops and lectures and Film shows on Shipping and Ship-Using. " I did all this in the interest of the economy. I am a firm believer that knowledge is power and it should not be confined among a chosen few," he remarked.

PAGE : Track record of your services indicates that you have done a lot for your fellow businessmen what about development of ports in Pakistan.

Sheikh Javaid : Advocating the speedy development of new ports in Pakistan, Sheikh Javaid said unfortunately, a lot of work has yet to be done for development of ports in Pakistan. New ports in Balochistan can do a magic to the economy. God has showered immense blessings upon Pakistan. We have to give them a direction to translate them to the benefit of the poor of this country. Strategic location of Gwadar, Pasni and Ormara where nature has provided coast for deep ports, free from the exposure of monsoon are lying unutilized. These precious locations have the potential to give a quantum jump to our economy if these spots are turned into operational ports. These ports accompanied by well developed Export Processing Zones will have multi-dimensional effects on our socio-economic life. Located in close vicinity to the Gulf States beside offering a corridor to the Central Asian States, these ports would offer special attraction to foreign investors. Sheikh Javaid said that development of ports in Balochistan would not only beneficial for Balochistan alone but will go a long way in normalizing problems faced by Karachi.

PAGE : How these Balochistan ports can help resolve Karachi problems ?

Sheikh Javaid : Being a Pakistani, Sheikh Javaid said, he loves to frequently visit beautiful spots in Pakistan. He said that the natural beauty of these areas is so fascinating that whenever he finds time he rush to Gwadar or Pasni. Surrounded by blue waters Gwadar is such a beautiful place which spell bounds the visitors. No one can stop the most modern city from development at Gwadar once a port of international standards is developed at that spot. This port of city would be a gift to the business community as well as other citizens living in the suffocation of pollution. People would love to live in a tension free atmosphere which is a common phenomenon in Karachi. Everybody has to live in a tense atmosphere due to day to day problems including power failures, transport problems, law and order situation and high-handedness of the administration.

Sheikh Javaid also offered his expertise free of cost for immediate development of export processing zones and deep-sea ports at Ormara and Gwadar.