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Oct 25 - 31, 1999

In the past three Ms were very famous for successfully operating an enterprise. These three Ms included Men, Material and Machine. However, with the passage of time, as the organizations became more and more complex, businesses grew and faster means of communication were innovated, the fourth M became very significant, namely, "Management". The present day world saw several revolutions in the 20th Century. The missing one so far has been Managerial Revolution. It is this revolution which is going to usher in an era of great prosperity in the 21st Century. To unleash forces of this revolution, fully trained manpower bejewelled with management oriented education and backed up by Information System (IS) has been the crying need. In this background, this piece briefly reviews various phases through which management education in Pakistan has gone through and highlights the redeeming features of innovative approach being followed by the Punjab Group of Colleges through their excellent contributions in the shape of the two institutions, namely, Punjab College of Business Administration (PCBA) and the Punjab Institute of Computer Science (PICS).


When Pakistan was born in 1947, there was one Commerce College throughout the country, namely, Hailey College of Commerce, a Constituent College of the University of the Punjab, Lahore. It rendered very useful services in producing Commerce Graduates who are still occupying high positions in all walks of life, both at home and abroad, and are delivering the goods in a befitting manner.

However, in the year 1955 emphasis was directed towards institutionalizing Business Administration Education in Pakistan in the University of Karachi. Institute of Business Administration, Karachi University was the first educational Institution set up in the Country. It rendered good services in producing quality Business Administration graduates in Pakistan. Later in the year 1973, the University of the Punjab set up an independent Department of Business Administration and started offering MBA program. Subsequent to this several public universities liberally moved into this venture and set up Business schools.

Allama Iqbal Open University also started offering courses in Business Administration through Distance Learning Approach. In the year 1985, Lahore University of Management Sciences made the first beginning of offering education in Business Administration in the private sector with the Federal Charter. Later on a free for all system started and business schools grew like a mushroom growth in every street/road in all major cities of Pakistan. Their growth has been very fast and nobody knows the total number of business schools in the Country.

Quite recently some Provincial Governments have started giving Charter to few institutions with the Degree Awarding Status.


Punjab College of Business Administration was started in 1991 under the inspiring leadership of its Chairman, Mian Amer Mahmood. He had a vision of quality business school in the private sector. Through a interface with some American Universities, in particular with Arkansas State University, an excellent educational pack for BBA and MBA was developed. It had three special areas of concentration namely, Finance, Marketing and Management Information System. Solid foundation courses have been offered with major thurst on Advance Courses in Management togetherwith some integrated courses e.g. Strategy and Business Policy. So far more than 1200 students have gone through the above programs and are rendering meritorious services at home and abroad. Some enterprising graduates of PCBA have started their own Management Consulting Offices and are contributing to national economy in an efficient manner - thereby considerably enhancing productivity in Pakistan.

By the Grace of Allah, recognizing the glorious services rendered by PCBA and PICS the Government of Punjab has given a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to The Punjab College for a degree awarding status to operate the above two Institutions in the areas of Business Administration and Computer Sciences.

At present, courses offered by PCBA include BBA, MBA (Morning Program) and Executive MBA (Evening).

PICS was started in 1993. It is logistically well equipped with several computer labs containing more than 150 PCs and other accessories. Magnificent quality courses for BCS and MCS have been offered by PICS at Lahore and Islamabad. Highly qualified staff holding Doctorates from USA and UK are conducting the teaching. PICS is offering programs such as BCS and MCS.

The 21st Century will start after around two months. The foregoing two Institutions are a positive response to the challenges which lie ahead in the next Century. We are fully determined to serve the society by producing quality education. Appropriate logistics exist in our set up and our forward march is confident to deliver the goods in the service of the nation. Our faculty is substantially foreign qualified. Our library and computer facilities are of first rate standard - second to none. Our class rooms and computer facilities are the finest in the Country. Our administrative staff are ever eager to serve the stakeholders. Those join us know the difference of the cutting edge which we provide. Our mission to serve will continue with dedication and high sense of commitment.

Dean: Executive Programs, Punjab College of Business Administration, Lahore, Constituent College of The Punjab College, Chartered by the Government of Punjab as degree awarding Institution.