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"Need to control mushroom growth of business schools" Luhrani

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  7. "Need to control mushroom growth of business schools" Luhrani
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less attention is given on quality of education.

Oct 25 - 31, 1999


Following are excrepts from an exclusive interview with Prof. Shah Muhammad Luhrani, Director IBA Sukkur

Distinctive academic career: B.Com First Class 1972; M. Com with First Position 1974; L.L.B with First Position 1977; M.B.A (U.K) 1990-91 in 11 months; Prizes in Sindhi and English Debates; since 1989 Research Guide in M. Phil; 09 Research Articles published, 07 Articles unpublished; 23 years University Teaching services: Joined as Lecturer in Commerce Sindh University Jamshoro 1976 and taught B.Com (Hons) and M.Com courses, Main role in establishment of IBS Sindh University Jamshoro in 1980 and Taught Ist Batch of MBA; In 1982 Transferred to Commerce Dept. Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur (Native Place): Chairman (1989-90) Dept. of Commerce, Member Syndicate As Associate Professor 1989-90; Prepared Project and Curriculum of BBA and MBA Programmes for the establishment of Dept. of Business Administration, Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur in 1992, Chairman (1992-98) Dept. of Business Administration; Member Senate (1989-98); Prepared Project of Sukkur Institute of Business Administration Sukkur (SIBA - now IBA) in 1994-95, and Curriculum of DBA and BBA Degree Programme, taught BBA and MBA students of IBA; 1994 to 1999; on Sept. 17, 1998 Selection as Director IBA Sukkur out of 5 candidates and working since Sept. 18, 1998 todate; Social worker: General Secretary Sindh University Teachers Association in 1980; President Academic Staff Association SALU Khairpur in 1990; General Secretary Sindh Graduates Association Khairpur 1990; Life Member Anti T.B. Association Branch Khairpur since 1996; Reading in Philosophy, Science, Political Economy, History, and Literature.

Business education is indeed a Career course Professional education. It has great significance all over the world, and high salary package, in the country as well as global level. Consequently, the number of the universities, institutes, schools, and colleges offering BBA (Hons) and MBA Programmes education in the country is increasing like mushroom but less attention is given on quality of education.

In my opinion, the Government of Pakistan, may establish a "National Board for Business Education (NBBE)" to manage and control the mushroom growth of business schools by setting administration and academic standards for charter/incorporation certificates for such schools, and to improve the quality of education system.

Comparatively, the standard of business education at IBA Sukkur is excellent. Our strength is teaching whereas IBA Karachi and LUMS having natural favor in students, and industrial environment. The committed and qualified young faculty of IBA Sukkur work hard to develop efficiency and skill through, modern methods, use of teaching aids: projectors, videos, case study methods, presentations, and quizzes, guest speakers from organizations, local industrial trips to attend lecture programmes.

The IBA Sukkur is academically affiliated with IBA Karachi. It has adopted same curriculum of IBA Karachi for all programmes. However, we have proposed following new programmes to utilize the infrstructure in new building:

a. BCS (Hons) Degree Programme in Morning

b. MBA (Executive) Degree Programme in Evening

It is observed that in Sukkur Division, the officers and business executives working in the various banks, private and government organizations will get benefit of MBA (Executive) Programme in evening and build their career.

In the process of building the overall knowledge of the students, the senior executives from various industrial organizations are invited as guest speaker for lecture programmes so that our students may be provided practical knowledge that what is in practice and seminars are arranged at local levels.

Indeed, MBA Programme is a professional and career course education for which students must be taught that education atleast from graduate level so that they can become proper business professionals like Engineering and Medical sciences. Therefore, the strategy to admit students in BBA (Hons) is successful because the BBA leading to MBA Graduate possess more knowledge of business education then B.A/BSC and MBA Graduate.

In the development of research atmosphere at IBA Sukkur we are trying to develop academic linkages, at national level, in the field of business and computer science research. In this connection we have approached to AERC University of Karachi and National University of Science and Technology for academic linkages. We do hope that we will get positive response.

If business schools are registered and incorporated under the Government rules and as per NBBE policy of operation and control, that will develop competitive environment of quality education or excellence in education. The essentials of academic policy may be:

1. Uniformity in curriculum and time period required as per international standards, for award of Degrees.

2. Uniformity in Semester system rules and regulations for grading and evaluations procedure of examination, in public sector as well as in private sector business schools.

3. Specified provision of infrstructure, equipments, faculty, books, and resources required for business education.

4. As per SWOT analysis technique, there may be identification of business schools for Specializations, such business schools may be allowed to offer that specializations/courses in which there Faculty and education environment is strong and at other places it may not be allowed.

Strategically speaking, the role of UGC is not so effective and in proper direction. I am member of National Curriculum Revision Committee (NCRC) of Business Administration formed by UGC. There must be coordination of NCRC and proposed NBBE in the operation and control of business education in business schools of Pakistan.

It is imperative to say that private Institutions have developed a effective pressure on the Public sector Universities and Institutes for improving the business education. However, there must be common platform through any BOARD (i.e NBBE as proposed above).

In response to the control and operation of the Universities for colleges, the specific policy through BOARD may be implemented. Presently, there is no Govt's policy or criteria for genuine institutions and money making ones but it is still a issue yet to resolved to form a criteria/yardstick for genuine institutions in Pakistan. However, the institutions may be genuine when their MBA Graduates are getting more jobs and having less number unemployed.

Strategically speaking, nothing is constant in the dynamic environment. There is a drastic change not only in science and technology but in competitive business/industrial market environment. Therefore efforts may be made for market-oriented curriculum in view of the local and global markets requirements.

Presently, there is divergence of people to business education, so the sharp commercial/business people have established such institutes where they are making money but it will not continue as market will become more competitive. There is bright future for those people who are hardworking interested in business education. As Government will interfere positively for the improvement of education, then there will be more competitive product from every institute to take more share in the market, I mean more jobs for their Products/MBAs.