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Punjab Group of Colleges

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From Shamim Ahmed Rizvi, Islamabad
Oct 25 - 31, 1999

Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) which was established in 1985 by an enterprising young man has achieved remarkable success during the last 14 years. Starting with a Commerce College, PGC, today is the largest integrated educational set up in Four disciplines namely, Business Administration, Commerce, Computer Science and Law in Pakistan, with over 17,000 students presently cnrolled against about 10,000 enrolled with the University of the Punjab, Lahore — the oldest University of the country.

The Punjab Group of Colleges was founded by Mian Amer Mahmood, a young MBA from the University of the Punjab. Hailing from a leading business family of Lahore, Mian Amer Mahmood, as a student in Hailey College of Commerce did not feel satisfied with the quality of education in the Public University institutions decided to set up model institutions with all necessary facilities for imparting quality education at an affordable cost.

Mian Amer Mahmood who is now the Chairman of Punjab Group of Colleges formed a Society known as The Islamic Commerce Educational Society Registered (ICES), Lahore. This is a non-profit organization committed to providing excellence in education. The ICES established its first institution by the name of Punjab College of Commerce in 1985. Close on its heels, the Suffa Foundation Trust, a sister concern of ICES established Punjab Law College in 1987. The Society further expanded its educational facilities by establishing the Punjab College of Business Administration (PCBA) in 1991 and Punjab Institute of Computer Science (PICS) in 1993. Though very young, PICS is very well equipped to meet the need of the day. Affiliated with the University of the Punjab for its BCS Programme, it enjoys the reputes as one of "The Best" institutions in the country.

This correspondent, who visited the Punjab College of Business Administration (PCBA) set up in an impressive building in a posh sector of Gulberg Lahore saw the latest technical equipment, Computer and Library facilities and did not find it in any way inferior to LUMS which I had visited last year. The cost of education or the fee structure is less than one third in this institution as compared to LUMS. Similarly the Punjab Institute of Computer Science (PICS) established in 1993 is amongst the best in the country. Almost all the teachers in these two facilities are foreign qualified and over half of them are Ph. Ds. The Group has established Mohammad Ali Jinnah University (chartered as a degree awarding status), at Karachi where American patterned education in the fields of Business Administration and Computer Science is being offered. PGC is in the process of obtaining a Charter from the Government of Balochistan for setting up a private University in Balochistan. The constituent Colleges of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University in Islamabad are operating in the service of educating the youth of Pakistan in the field-oriented education in Business Administration and Computer Science.

A network of Commerce Colleges in the major cities of Punjab is serving the community in a commendable manner and the students of these colleges in Public examinations have been bagging the top positions.

The institution has recently introduced a new product, Executive MBA (Evening Program). Lot of time was invested in developing the course package. Market needs were carefully studied and consultations were held with potential employers and serving executives. A great need was felt to offer an innovative Executive MBA package which will enhance the frontiers of knowledge, sharpen the skills and help develop forward looking, positive and constructive attitudes of serving executives. This programme has been launched under the umbrella of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University in three cities, Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. Degree for Executive MBA Program will be conferred upon successful participants by Mohammad Ali Jinnah University at Karachi, Islamabad, and by its constituent College, namely Punjab College of Business Administration under Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at Lahore for full transfer of credits.

A well known teacher, writer and one of the pioneers of business education in Pakistan, Dr. Khawaja Amjad Saeed, former Pro Vice-Chancellor, and founder Director of the Institute of Business Administration, University of the Punjab, Lahore, is the Dean of the Executive Programs.

Young Mian Amer Mamhood (39), highly enterprising and hardworking Chairman of the Punjab Group of Colleges, in an exclusive interview in his tastefully decorated office in the Lahore Campus, told this correspondent that he had undertaken this noble venture with a missionary zeal to serve his community by imparting quality education to the younger generation belonging to families of modest means.

Mian Amer Mahmood said he strongly believed that education provided by the government institutions did not meet the ever changing demands of modern and the latest computer technology. Initiative has been taken by our group to fill up this gap. With our vision set on providing quality computer education, coupled with a reasonable dosage of foreign exposure to hard working and promising young knowledge seekers of Pakistan, we have formally signed agreements of collaborations with the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand, Arkansas State University (ASU) USA, New Mexico State University (NMSU) in USA, Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration, Finland, Florida Atlantic University, USA, Richmond College, London, and La Trobe University, Australia. Money making has never been our objective. He further stated that we were always in search of the best teachers to hire them at whatever price available. He claimed that a highly motivated and internationally qualified faculty with field orientation was conducting the programme. Besides full-time faculty, visiting professors from business and industry were updating the participants of the programme.

"Our camuses are well-equipped with modern amenities of education. Our libraries are well stocked with modern books and current magazines. We offer first-rate computing facilities, cafeterias, bookshops, auditoriums and other related facilities".

Total fee payable for the full Executive MBA program is Rs. 120,000 including Admission fee Rs. 10,000 which is payable once. Total fee for the first semester is Rs. 32,000 and for each subsequent semester is Rs. 22,000. The duration of the programme is approximately 20 months from the date of commencement of classes. Except for African Continent, our collaborations exist in all continents of the world (USA, Asia, Europe and Oceania) for transfer of credit.

Similarly for B. Com. /I.Com and Law Colleges fee is Rs. 12,000/- per year while Hailey College of Commerce is charging Rs. 36,000 per year from their students under self-financing scheme.

Our mission is to serve the nation specially the younger generation and ensure that no talented student is deprived of the best education because of financial difficulties. We have made an open offer to all students who secure 75 percent marks in the qualifying examinations and get admission in any of our institutions and continue their education free of any cost. For instance any student securing 75 percent or above marks in their BA Examination can do their MBA or M.Sc, in Computer Science free of any charge. For their further encouragement we have announced cash rewards and cars for the student securing first position in our graduate and post graduate examinations and Rs. 50,000 for the B.Com. etc., Mian Amer Mahmood added. All in all, Punjab Group of Colleges in general and Punjab colleges of Business Administration (PCBA) and Punjab Institute of Computer Science (PICS) in particular are rendering excellent services for producing quality manpower which is their response to the challenges of 21st Century.