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"The oldest and the largest private university" Dr. Abdul Basit

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  11. "The oldest and the largest private university" Dr. Abdul Basit

In addition to the charter by Sindh government Preston University Pakistan has an affiliation with Preston University, USA

Oct 25 - 31, 1999


"Preston University Pakistan offers its students the opportunity for personal growth and development, skill enhancement, professional job advancement by imparting high quality education at an affordable cost", said Dr. Abdul Basit, President, Preston University in an exclusive interview with PAGE.

Preston University Pakistan was first established in 1984 as the School of Business and Commerce offering university level courses in the private sector for the first time in the history of Pakistan. With a humble start in 1984 in Rawalpindi, the University has nine campuses in all four provinces of Pakistan. The University has expanded its operations and diversified its educational programmes to meet the ever increasing need for higher education in the country.

Dr. Basit said "Preston University has several distinctions over its competitors. It is the pioneer private institute of management education in the country. The enrollment of more than 5000 students and 15 long years makes it the oldest and the largest private university in Pakistan. Uniform courses and examination policy offer a unique flexibility to the students regarding transfer from one campus to another without loss of time or academic credit, should the need arise. The University offers excellent physical facilities and equipment and provides an atmosphere and an environment conducive to high quality education.

"Several institutions now offer professional education in Pakistan but success of Preston University is the excellence in designing curriculum and identifying right type of text books. The University is continuously exerting to develop the business professionals to meet the demand for education in IT and e-commerce. The teaching and evaluation standards are set at a very high level. Students are frequently given assignments, quizzes, term papers and projects. The University has also initiated doctoral programmes in business administration, computer science, economics, environment management, development studies and textile managemen. Karachi Campus has already launched the technology courses of B-Tech, B-Tech (Hons) and Bachelors and Masters in Textile Management, said Dr. Basit.

"Preston University has the distinction of designing its own curriculum to satisfy the needs and demands of students and the market. The extensive job acceptance of our graduates by a wide variety of highly respected and well know multinationals is a testimony to the quality of education imparted through its curriculum and dedicated faculty", Dr. Basit added.

He further added "The University is using the most effective techniques to develop the knowledge and skills of students by organizing guest speaker lectures/sessions, visits to industrial sector, Chambers of Commerce, Stock Exchange, to keep them abreast with the latest changes in Pakistan. The University ensures its participation in various research and development oriented competitions arranged by different organizations".

Basit said, "It was hard to believe as to how a reasonably good student of intermediate will cope with BBA programme but we accepted the challenge. Dedicated efforts enabled us to produce hundreds of business professionals in the last fifteen years. Undoubtedly we have been successful in setting the example even for other private business institutions to follow".

Preston University is also the leader in introducing the Executive MBA, Executive MS and Doctoral Programs. The Executive Programs are of one year duration and curriculum is designed in such a manner that working professionals get an opportunity to earn a Masters degree while continuing their jobs or business. Executive programs are the most popular programs at all campuses of Preston University. The Doctoral programs are handled by the Islamabad office under guidance of most experienced supervisors.

In addition to the grant of charter by the Provincial Assembly of Sindh in March 1999, Preston University Pakistan has an affiliation with Preston University, USA, which is approved and licensed by the Wyoming State Department of Education, USA, and is accredited by the World Association of Universities and Colleges, Nevada, USA. Preston's graduates/students have been accepted for admission and for transfer of credits to other universities in USA, U.K. and several other countries.