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Pakistan witnesses two opposite trends, need for professional managers and proliferation of small and medium size enterprises. The success of business in either case lies in efficient and effective management — a skill learned at business schools. The curricula of these schools has been modified over the years with an objective to impart education which can enable the graduates to be better managers both at corporate and enterprise levels.



Across the board accountability, restoration of economy, national cohesion and law and order situation in Pakistan are the highlights of the new manifesto announced by Gen. Pervez Musharraf.


Since the government did not give way to rumours and speculations by ensuring normal working of the banks, the open market will be resuming business at the rate of Rs54.40 against a dollar from Oct 25.Money Changers have also arranged $20 million from external sources to ensure smooth supply of dollars when market reopens on Monday.


The unprecedented power breakdown in Karachi resulted in a production, revenue and wage-loss of Rs 2-2.5 biliion. The massive power failure also highlights the need for direct power purchase agreement between the Karachi Electric Supply Corporation and Hubco, the biggest independent power producer, to help lessen dependence of import from Wapda primarily due to an old and unmaintained distribution system highly prone to tripping.


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