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Thinking Out Aloud
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Amjad Rafi

The 21st Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

  • I must inspire my people. How?
  1. I must treat everyone equally with no favoritisms.
  2. I must be most accountable to everyone.
  3. I must live and act with humbleness.
  4. I must remember that Pakistan is a poor country.
  5. I must think about what is best for my country and not what is best for me.
  6. I must have ministers and advisors who are honest.
  7. I must set the best of example
  • I must restore investor confidence. How?
  1. I must resolve the issue with the IPP's as quickly as possible.
  2. I must eliminate corruption.
  3. I must collect taxes from those are currently shielded from paying taxes.
  4. I must eliminate crime and terrorism.
  5. I must keep my word to those who have been given my promise.
  • I must control costs and expenses. How?
  1. I must try and keep things affordable for everyone.
  2. I must recover outstanding electricity dues from defaulters.
  3. I must recover outstanding bank loans from all the defaulters.
  4. I must not assume that I can tax everyone to death.
  5. I must keep my travel expenses to a minimum.
  6. I must live within my means.

I must always remember that I do not own Pakistan and I cannot always do as i please.

I must do what will please the people now and for the generations to come.