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Oct 18, 1999

2nd ARY Bullionaire Draw Held in Lahore

The second draw of the ARY Bullionaire Contest was fcently held in Lahore. This is the first time that a draw of the ARY Bullionaire Contest has been held outside Dubai. A total of twenty lucky winners were picked, who will each receive a 100-gram ARY gold bar. The event also included a live entertainment program which was broadcast live by PTV.

The lucky winners were picked by the chief guest, parliamentarian Ejazul Haq, and the draw was supervised by Mr. Qadhi Murooshid, a representative of the Economic Department of Dubai, with which the ARY Bullionaire scheme has been registered. It may be noted here that for the first time in its history, the Economic Department of Dubai has allowed a scheme registered in Dubai, to conduct its draw outside Dubai.

"This illustrates the trust that the Economic Department of Dubai has in ARY Jewelers that they have allowed us to hold the draw outside Dubai", said Mr. Muhammad Iqbal, Director, ARY Jewellers," I would also like to congratulate the lucky winners of the 2nd ARY Bullionaire Draw. We are very satisfied by the positive response received by the Bullionaire Contest in Pakistan and expect it to grow manifold in the future", he further added.

The show was compered by the multifaceted Fakhre Alarm ably supported by a star studded lineup of entertainers and film personalities which included Nirma, Hadiqa Kiyani, Arif Lohar and Rahat Fateh Ali.

Amongst the twenty lucky winners worldwide were six Pakistanis - two each from Karachi and Lahore, and one each from Multan and Faisalabad. They each won the prize of a 100 grams of gold.

The ARY Bullionaire Contest which was recently launched in Pakistan, entitles customers who shop at any of the participating Privileged Outlets", to a lucky coupon for any ARY product or every Rs. 5000 worth of jewellery, that they buy. These coupons are then eligible for a lucky draw held each month. In each draw, holders of the twenty lucky coupons are given a prize of 100 grams of gold each. These monthly draws will be followed by a grand draw at the end of this four-month long event. The winner of the ARY Bullionaire Grand Draw will receive a bumper prize of 20 kg of gold.

Furthermore, ten special prizes have also been reserved for the participating "Privileged Outlets". These prizes will be given to the jewelers with the highest sales. The first prize is 1kg of gold, the second prize is 500 grams of gold, while the remaining eight prizes are of 250 grams of gold each.

ARY Jewellers is a Dubai-based jewellery organisation, and has launched a number of innovative gold products such as the immensely popular ARY Rainbow Hearts and the ARY Rainbow Millenium throughout the world.

GSM Close to 250 Million Customer Mark

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), the definitive worldwide standard for wireless communication systems is all set to achieve the 250 million customer mark shortly.

This was stated by Michael Stocks, Chairman, GSM Association. The GSM Association represents the interests of 384 GSM, satellite and 3G network operators, key manufacturers and suppliers to the GSM industry, and regulatory and administrative bodies from 141 countries and regions around the world.

The GSM industry is one of the fastest growing industries of the current decade and has so far surpassed all expectations. Last year it generated more than USD 100 billion in customer revenues alone. It is predicted that at current levels, the GSM customer base will soar to between 700 million to 1 billion by the year 2005.

"GSM has demonstrated a phenomenal growth potential that has outstripped even the most optimistic of expectations", says Stocks. ft has been an unparalleled success and continues to astonish us with its meteoric growth. Each month almost eight million people sign up to GSM networks across five continents of the world".

GSM which was the first mobile specification to offer data transmission capability, is about to revolutionize communication technology. Until now voice trafffic dominated GSM, but the phenomenal growth in data transmission points towards a shift in GSM usage and the convergence of voice and data transmission. It is estimated that by 2004, between 20 to 50 percent of all GSM traffic will be data.

Furthermore, it is predicted that the next generation of GSM technology will signal a quantum leap in communications technology by offering visual as well as verbal communications.

"Mobilink, the exclusive provider of GSM digital mobile phone service in Pakistan has seen exceptional growth since its inception," said David Smith, Executive Marketing Director, Mobilink GSM. "We are very excited to be part of the GSM technology and aim to consistently serve our customers better by providing them the latest value added services and cutting edge technology".

Mobilink GSM, Pakistan's leading cellular phone company and the only GSM operator in Pakistan is also a member of the GSM Association. It is a joint venture of Motorola International Development Corporation, International Wireless Communication Ud. (IWC) and Saif Telecom (Pvt.) Ltd.

Bahria Institute of management and Computer Sciences

The Bahria Institute of Management and Computer Sciences Karachi, recently arranged a Seminar on "The Role & Importance Of l.T. Education For Development Of Business Professionals And National Economy" at its Premises at The Bahria College. The seminar was arranged by the Management Society of the Institute; Dr. Irfan Hyder of IBA, Dr. Zubair Shaikh of KIIT, Mr. Wajahat Kazmi and Mr. Jameel Qureishi were amongst the prominent speakers at the seminar. The speakers spoke on the aspects of Macroeconomic Effects of l.T. Oriented Business Community, End-user Computing / The Macro-Economic benefits of l.T. education for Business Professionals, Frontiers Of Information Technology For The Development Of Future Business Professionals and National Economy, and Pakistan's Business Education Environment -Requirement of l.T. Awareness. The speakers highlighted the fact that with the current trend of young and devoted entrepreneurs leading the way in the world IT economy, business professional in Pakistan need to adapt to the dynamics of this field to come in the mainstream.

The target that the nation plans to set for itself for various economic and development indicators can not only be met, but we can do even better. With the positive attitude, a focus toward success and with the right mix of resources, Pakistan can still claim a decent position in the world IT economy. The initiative has to come from the young professionals & businessmen.

They further identified that the turn of this millenium will mark the end of Information Technology (IT) transition revolution. The start of next millenium will begin the Information Age. Just like past revolutions and eras, Information Technology will bring the change in the way we act, live and survive. There are various frontiers of IT, which if properly visualized, planned and implemented can bring revolutionary changes in the economic growth of any country. We are already witnessing the growth of Internet based businesses, which mark, more than 60% in the Fortune 500 companies. The new frontiers are of Internet, Cyberspace, E-Business, Multimedia, Internet Telephony, Video Conferencing and Web based societies and cultures.

At the end of the Seminar the students asked questions on aspects such as; Are the business professionals ready for it? Is our country ready to meet the challenges of next millenium when the actual IT Age will start? Are the Academic Institutes and Industry ready to address the issue of technology implementation? Is country like Pakistan prepared to meet the IT legislation's, coming in the form of WTO agreements?

I.A.P. ELECTIONS FOR 1999-2000

The Central Committee of the Insurance Association of Pakistan at its Meeting held on September 30, 1999, at Karachi, unanimously elected Mr. Zafar Iqbal Sheikh as Chairman and Mr. Basit Hassan Syed as Vice-Chairman.

The other Members of the Central Committee and Sectional Committee are as follows :

Central Committee:

1. Mr. Zafar Iqbal Sheikh, Chairman.

2. Mr. Basit Hassan Syed, Vice-Chairman.

3. Mr. Mohammad Rafiq Choudhry,

4. Mr. Fazal Rehman,

5. Mr. Mohammed Rahat Sadiq,

6. Ch. Zahoor Ahmad,

7. Mr. Saifuddin N. Zoomkawala,

8. Mr. A.U. Siddiqui,

9. Dr. Mumtaz A. Hashmi,

10. Mr. Ahmed Salahuddin,

11. Mr. Abdur Rahim.


1. Mr. A. Razzak Polani, Chairman.

2. Mr. Iqbal Siddiqui, Vice-Chairman.

3. Capt. Azhar Ehtesham Ahmed,

4. Mr. Amin H. Yacoob,

5. Mr. Afzalur Rehman,

6. Wg.Cdr.(Retd.) Ishtiaq Ahmed,

7. Mr. M. Iftekhar Ahmed.


1. Mr. Salim Rafik Sidiki, Chairman.

2. Mr. Mohammed Vaqaruddin, Vice-Chairman.

3. Mr. Saleem Merchant,

4. Mr. S.V.A. Durbari,

5. Mr. Mirza Ashfaq Ali.

6. Mr. T.L. Fernandez,

7. Mr. Zaheer Ahmed Qadir.


1. Mr. Afaq Ahmed, Chairman.

2. Mr. Viquar Siddiqui, Vice-Chairman.

3. Mr. S. Zahid Ali

4. Mr. Mohammed Asif Arif,

5. Capt. Saleem Ahmed,

6. Mr. Amin Bawany,

7. Miss. Yasmin Sadiq.


1. Mr. Khalid Rashid, Chairman.

2. Mr. Sh. Abdul Qayyum, Vice-Chairman.

3. Mr. F.A. Jaffery,

4. Ch. Athar Zahoor,

5. Mr. M.H. Derbari,

6. Mr. Shahbaz H. Agha,

7. Mr. Shahzad Hafeez.

ABN Amro Bank's New Building in Lahore

ABN AMRO Bank's new office building in the city of Lahore, was inaugurated recently. Mr. Sergio Rial, CEO, ABN AMRO, Asia Pacific and Mr. Muhammad Aurangzeb, Country Manager, ABN AMRO Bank Pakistan was present at the occasion.

This state of the art building located on the Upper Mall, offers ABN AMRO Bank's entire range of products and services. The new premises, equipped with ATM's, along with a 24 hour banking centre and lockers, represents ABN AMRO Bank's strong commitment to the growth of its banking franchise in the country. From Corporate and Consumer Banking, to Investment Banking and Structured Finance, these new premises offer all financial services undr one roof.

ITS education Campus

ITS Education Campus is affiliated with ITS (Information Technology & Systems) Pvt. Ltd., a very highly reputed Pakistani company in the field of information technology and providing turn key solutions plus connectivity and communication to corporate customers including multinational companies, pharmaceuticals, renowned banks and financial institutions, various well known organizations and well established corporations. And the slogan of ITS is "Build a better Pakistan". ITS Education Campus is the need of the time and as a step towards progress the computer education programme is launched.

The location of ITS Education Campus is extremely ideal and it is in the centre/prime location of Karachi. Kashmir Road is a well known to all Karachiites and easy for approach, one can reach very easily and the road is served by a regular bus route connecting to all prominent towns of Karachi.

ITS Education Campus focuses on four very strong segments:

a) Women

b) Students and

c) Senior Citizens &

d) Corporate Sector

Their mission is: "Progress through Technology" and they are concentrating right at the grass route level by offering basic computer courses to their focused segments. They are not here to mint money they want our people to learn and they must earn better living and make their future bright and contribute towards progress of Pakistan.

Upon completion of each course, ITS Education Campus will issue certificates to successful candidates. Anybody who wishes to enroll please contact ITS on phone 4314073 or visit personally at 54P, Block 2, P. E. C. H S., Kashmir Road, Karachi.

ITS Education Campus is formally inaugurated on 27th September, 1999. Governor of Sindh Mr. Mamnoon Hussain was invited but to certain pressing requirements subsequently emerged the Governor Sindh was not able to attend the above event.

However, Mr. Abdul Ghaffar — E.V.P Muslim Commercial Bank inaugurated and the ceremony was well attended by IT Industry Top Managers including Multinationals, Banking Sector high officials and a large number of people from the Corporate Sector.

IBA International Conference on E-Commerce

"The dawn of the new millennium is just round the corner and new ways of doing business are already emerging throughout the world". That is how the vision statement of IBA International Conference on Electronic Commerce begins. It goes on to say, "As new markets for goods and services are discovered, the need for a revolutionary strategy for exploiting their potential would be more pressing than ever before".

The technology revolution that began in mid 80's has forced business managers to rethink the manner in which they run their organizations. The phenomenal growth of the IT industry around the world is largely due to its ability to provide efficient solutions to businesses operating in different environments. The structure of all these advancements are erected but on a single foundation — electronic commerce.

The conference, endorsed and supported by the Vision 2010, Government of Pakistan, is part of IBA's effort to develop business and society by addressing major national and international issues through research, seminars and conferences. It attempts to identify such factors as tax and legal implications of e-commerce, management and marketing of e-businesses, electronic banking and financial services, security and ethical issues of e-commerce and the infrastructure required for its implementation.

The objective of this conference is to assist government and business organizations in exploring the opportunities offered by e-commerce by highlighting the growth of e-commerce and its global effects. The conference will help in preparing developing countries like Pakistan for the challenges posed by the growth of e-commerce.

Three thousand invitations are being mailed to stockholders from business, government and professional organizations. Considering the great potential of e-commerce, the call for papers has already generated great interest among professionals and managers. Prominent local and international experts and executive-decision makers belonging to idles such as economics information technology, low, government, finance, and international trade from public and private sector have been invited as paper presenters, chairpersons and panelists. The two-day conference has been divided into nine sessions, of which, four will be held on the first day while the remaining five, on the second day.

Led by the faculty members of Center for Computer Studies at IBA, the students of the Business and Information Technology Business Club are putting in the best of their efforts in making this event a big success. The details about the conference can be found at IBA web-site:www.iba.edu.

On November 23-24, 1999, the commitment of the organizers is expected to pay off in a big way. Lets keep our fingers crossed!