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Oct 11, 1999

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*** "THE RICH NATIONS of the world insist on a level killing field."

(Malaysian prime minister Mahatir Mohamad’s sarcastic speech at the UN General Assembly blaming the so-called liberalisation of trade and open markets which he said would kill some of the fragile economies of the world’s poorer nations)

*** "THE HIGHLY sophisticated monitoring equipment is operated by a superpower, I mean the United States."

(Mohsen Dallul, former Lebanese defence minister, accusing the US of tapping the telephones of the country’s leaders and politicians for Israel)

*** "HE IS lucky that his blood pressure only goes up after reading the newspapers . . . You find the roads blocked as the same Mr Tarar or another VIP is going to take that route . . . High blood pressure? We are being eaten up by the cancer of callousness, neglect and degeneration."

(A contribution in the ‘Letters to the Editor’ column of Daily Dawn in rebuttal to President Rafiq Tarar’s remarks which accused the print media of sensationalism)

*** "TAKE, FOR example, someone who is unemployed. He can’t afford much. But in this way, he will be able to buy a nice present for his son."

(Spokeswoman of Berlin-based utility company Ares Energie which is offering free television sets to customers if they buy electricity for at least two years)

*** "THE CENTRAL Board of Revenue [CBR] will give these details in a directory to be published first time in December this year."

(Plans to publish details of bank accounts, real estate holdings, shops, plazas, factories, investments, companies’ shares and any other goods which are taxable and owned by all Pakistani parliamentarians, ministers, advisors to the prime minister and government servants in Grade 20 and above. The CBR is the main tax collecting agency)

*** "TYRANTS WHO terrorise their people have no hiding place today. Journalists and others, thanks to the telephone, satellite technology and the Internet, can expose censorship and intimidation— but that does not mean it does not happen."

(Aidan White, secretary general of the International Federation of Journalists, speaking at the ‘Global Knowledge Conference II’ in Kuala Lumpur. The theme of the Conference sponsored by the World Bank was ‘access to information, empowerment and good governance’)

*** "THE EXODUS from the Third World is unstoppable because hunger does not recognise borders."

(A senior official of the Spanish labour ministry on his country’s plans to sign accords with poor countries to take in a million labourers over next three years)

*** "THE BJP is our Enemy No.1 and we will vote for Enemy No.2, the Congress party, to defeat its candidates."

(Opinion polls showing that Indian Muslims are choosing Congress party over ruling Hindu Nationalist BJP party in recent elections)

*** "I WOULD do it again if provoked. I would do it again under the same circumstances. I don’t know if I’m at peace, with me or anybody. Everybody is out to get me and I'm not going to let anybody destroy me."

(Former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson saying he would bite Evander Holyfield again. Tyson bit off Holyfield’s ear and was disqualified. He was reinstated last year and will fight Orlin Norris on October 23)

*** "HE WAS coming towards me and then his eyes met mine and he fell unconscious . . . The drivers were staring at me and lost control. Thank God they weren’t injured."

(Mohammed Nawaz Mazari, 32-year-old Pakistani 7’-8" tall ‘big foot’, recalling the minor calamities caused by his presence— a person who fainted in Tokyo and collision of two cars in Brisbane)

*** "WHEN YOU set out to do something, you have to take risks. I don’t think death is such a bad thing."

(Priyanka, daughter of assassinated Indian prime minister Rajeev Gandhi and Congress party president Sonia Gandhi, on abandoning bodyguards and wading into crowds during campaigning for her mother in recent elections)

*** "IN FIVE years, you will be able to speak French on the phone in Paris and someone in Beijing will hear you speaking in Mandarin."

(President of Belgium based speech technology specialists, Lernout and Hauspie, which is working to develop a multilingual computer chat software)

Edited by Syed M. Aslam