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Oct 11, 1999

Eptl handles first lpg ship

Engro Paktank Terminal Limited's (EPTL) LPG facility at Port Qasim handled its first LPG ship recently. The state of the art facility has been completed at a cost of US $ 9.0 million and is the first of its kind built in the country. It consists of:

J9 earth mounded LPG storage bullets of 500 tons capacity each

Dedicated Marine Loading Arm and pipeline for unloading from the ship

JTruck Loading Bay with four truck loading arms

JComplete fire fighting system and all other facilities in line with the latest international safety standards and environmental requirements

Construction of the facility started last year after EPTL signed an agreement with Port Qasim Authority in June 1998. This agreement allowed EPTL to construct and operate the LPG handling and storage facility on a non-exclusive basis. EPTL facility has now been commissioned and handling of this first ship by EPTL is the start of a new era of safe LPG handling at Port Qasim.

LPG was until recently being handled at Marginal Wharf 1 of Port Qasim in a makeshift and unsafe manner (by direct ship to truck discharge) which was putting the safety of the entire port at risk. It was a catastrophe waiting to happen anytime. EPTL with the co-operation of the Port Authorities has put an end to this practice.

It goes to the credit of the present government for coming up with an investor friendly Petroleum Policy in October 1997. This Petroleum Policy also includes import concessions for LPG infrastructure projects including handling and storage facilities. This is a significant incentive to promote investment in the country and has contributed greatly in making EPTL's LPG project feasible and successful.

Muslim Commercial Bank holds Hajj Balloting

As part of the Bank's tradition, MCB held its annual Hajj Balloting for its employees on 28 September in Karachi.

Present at the balloting were Mr. Haroon Basheer — Head of Consumer Banking and Information Technology, Mr. Khalid Niaz Khawaja — Head of Humran Resources Management and Legal Group and Ghulam Rasool Khan - EVP and Mr. Shoaib Qureshi Head, Commercial Banking Group MCB.

The Hajj Balloting is an ongoing MCB tradition where a certain number of MCB employees in both executive and staff cadre are randomly chosen to perform Hajj sponsored by the Bank. A total of 26 fortunate employees were selected for Hajj 2000.

Employee Respect and Dignity is an integral part of the Bank's core values and the overall mission of becoming the Best Place to Work. The employee Hajj sponsorship is just one gesture showing that the Bank cares about it's team members.

24-hour customer helpine

UBL has introduced another feature in its rupee travellers cheques Hamrah, in the shape of a 24-hour customer helpline. Customers can now call at their convenience to get their required information. The main features of the customer helpline are verification through telephone, list of all issuing and encashing branches available through fax, and the assistance for lost or stolen cheques. These features will further enhance convenience and security for customers. The Hamrah helpline is 111-111-825.

"UBL is committed to provide quality service and facilities to all its customers. The additional facilities made available with the Hamrah Travellers Cheques are a clear example of UBL's continuing efforts to make banking a delightful experience," said Zoha Imam, Head, Travellers Cheques.

The Hamrah Rupee Travellers Cheques are available in denominations of Rs. l00,000, Rs. 50,000, Rs. l0,000 and Rs. 5,000 and have unique Rainbow features, along with special coding and the ease of indicating the choice of branch for refund in cases of lost/stolen RTCs. The refund service is especially useful when the customer loses his RTCs while travelling and in transit.

ITS education Campus

ITS Education Campus is affiliated with ITS (Information Technology & Systems) Pvt. Ltd., a very highly reputed Pakistani company in the field of information technology and providing turn key solutions plus connectivity and communication to corporate customers including multinational companies, pharmaceuticals, renowned banks and financial institutions, various well known organizations and well established corporations. And the slogan of ITS is "Build a better Pakistan". ITS Education Campus is the need of the time and as a step towards progress the computer education programme is launched.

The location of ITS Education Campus is extremely ideal and it is in the centre/prime location of Karachi. Kashmir Road is a well known to all Karachiates and easy for approach, one can reach very easily and the road is served by a regular bus route connecting to all prominent towns of Karachi.

ITS Education Campus focuses on four very strong segments:

a) Women

b) Students and

c) Senior Citizens &

d) Corporate Sector

Their mission is: "Progress through Technology" and they are concentrating right at the grass route level by offering basic computer courses to their focused segments. They are not here to mint money they want our people to learn and they must earn better living and make their future bright and contribute towards progress of Pakistan.

Upon completion of each course, ITS Education Campus will issue certificates to successful candidates. Anybody who wishes to enroll please contact ITS on phone 4314073 or visit personally at 54P, Block 2, P. E. C. H S., Kashmir Road, Karachi.

ITS Education Campus is formally inaugurated on 27th September, 1999. Governor of Sindh Mr. Mamnoon Hussain was invited but to certain pressing requirements subsequently emerged the Governor Sindh was not able to attend the above event.

However, Mr. Abdul Ghaffar — E.V.P Muslim Commercial Bank inaugurated and the ceremony was well attended by IT Industry Top Managers including Multinationals, Banking Sector high officials and a large number of people from the Corporate Sector.

1- Mr. Aamir Agha - CEO ITS Group of Companies.

2- Mr. Mazhar Akhtar - CEO DataVision.

3- Mr. Shafi Megani - Director Sir Adamjee Insfftute.

4- Mr. Abdul Ghaffar - EVP, "IRM", MCB.

5- Mr. Shams Tabrez - Director, ITS Education Campus.

6- Mr. Ibrabim Shaikh - AVP, Soneri Bank.


Series of IT Seminars

Hamdard University's Center of Excellence for Training & Development (HUCETAD) orgainzed a series of 6 one-day interactive seminars on Information Technology during the period from July 16 to August 01, 1999. Keeping in veiw the importance of training & Development, HUCETAD has already organized seminars on different topics of Business Managemennt and Information Technology throughout the year. Prominent speakers who addressed on different topics in these seminars include: Mr. Khalid M. Khan Consultant; Mr. Sana-ul-Haq Zaidy, Mr. Humayyun Qureshi and Mr. Uzer Vohra from IBM World Trade Corporation; Mr. M. Zamir Ahmed from Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution; Prof. Dr. S. M. Aqil Burney from Chairan Department of Computer Science, karachi Universiy, Mr. Muhammd Kashif Jamil from ITIM Associates Pvt. Ltd., Prof. S. W. Ahmed; and Mr. Hasan Raza from Progressive Systems Pvt Ltd. Certificate awarding ceremony of It seminars was conducted on August 17, 1999. Justice Ajmal Mian, Chancellor, Hamdard University was the Chief Guest. During his keynote address, he emphasized on organizing such series of interactive seminars for the sake of producting highly skilled individuals in diversified fields. He said that HUCETAD has realized the importance of training & development in Pakistan by organizing seminars on different topics in the field of Information Technology, management, Marketing, BankingTaxation, Operaions & Quality Management and Finance & Accounts. He gave special appreciation to all those who actively participated in Organizing this series of sminars. Prof. Dr. M. H. Qazi, Vice Chancellor, Hamdard University, thanked all speakers who came to broaden the horizon of participant's knowledge on the current topics of Information Technology. In his concluding remarks, he gave special appreciatin to Chairperson HUCETAD and his team for organizig such an extraordinary series of seminars on Information Technology. Topics included in this series of seminars were:

1. IT in Operations Management

2. Accounting Information Systems

3. Artificial Intelligence

4. Y2K Compliance

5. Networks, Internet & Intranet

6. Role of Multimedia & its Applications

7. Phases in Information Systems Planning, Design & Implementation

8. It in Capital Markets

9. Cyber Marketing & E-Commerce

10. Maintaining Computerized Databases in

11. Strategic Planning of Information Systems

12. Planning & Scheduling on MS Project


 ARY Bullionaire Draw to be held in Lahore

The second draw of the ARY Bullionaire Contest will be held in Lahore on October 7, 1999. This is the first time that a draw of the ARY Bullionaire Contest is being held outside Dubai. A total of twenty lucky winners will be picked, who will each receive a 100-gram ARY gold bar. The event which also includes a live entertainment program will be broadcast live by PTV.

This is the first time in the history of the Economic Department of Dubai, that a scheme registered in Dubai, has been allowed to conduct its draw outside Dubai. It may be noted here that all the schemes registered with the Economic Department are strictly monitored by it and the draws of such schemes are conducted in the presence of the Economic Department's personnel.

"This illustrates the trust that the Economic Department of Dubai has in ARY Jewellers, that they have allowed us to hold the draw outside Dubai", said Mr. Muhammad Iqbal, Director, ARY Jewellers.

The ARY Bullionaire Contest which was recently launched in Pakistan, entitles customers who shop at any of the participating "Privileged Outlets", to a lucky coupon for any ARY product or every Rs. 5000/- worth of jewellery, that they buy. These coupons are then eligible for a lucky draw held each month. In each draw, holders of the twenty lucky coupons are given a prize of 100 grams of gold each. These monthly draws will be followed by a grand draw at the end of this four-month long event. The winner of the ARY Bullionaire Grand Draw will receive a bumper prize of 20 kg of gold.

Furthermore, ten special prizes have also been reserved for the participating Privileged Outletsn. These prizes will be given to the jewellers with the highest sales. The first prize is 1kg of gold, the second prize is 500 grams of, gold, while the remaining eight prizes are of 250 grams of gold each.

ARY Jewellers is a Dubai-based jewellery organization, and has launched a number of innovative gold products such as the immensely popular ARY Rainbow Hearts and the ARY Rainbow Millenium throughout the world.

GSA Passes First Surveillance Audit of ISO 9002 Certification

General Shipping Agencies (Pvt) Ltd, one of the leading shipping agents in pakistan, has passed its First Surveillance Audit of ISO 9002 certification on 18-9-99. Auditors were "extremely satisfied" recommended continuation of ISO 9002 certificatin (which was awarded on 24-03-99 by United Registrar of Systems Ltd., UK, an international certification body). Next Surveillance audit is scheduled for September 2000.

General Shipping Agencies (Pvt) Ltd was established in 1971 by Mr. Anver Rajpar (presently Chairman of the company). Presently, the company represents some world renowned shipping lines such as Conti-Lines, Hual, Jumbo Shipping Company, Naftomar and Hoegh Lines. Presently all company matters are looked after by its Managing Director, Mr. Mohammed Rajpar.

The company is delighted on this achievement and remains determined to continue delivering quality services to our valued Principals and Customers.