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United Airlines promoting business in Pakistan

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Distributes awards to top ten travel agents


Oct 04 - 10, 1999

VAL Enterprises, the representatives of the United Airlines, which is claimed to be world's largest air carrier with over 2300 flights a day to 139 destinations in 29 countries, gave away appreciation awards at an impressive ceremony to top ten agents for outstanding sales promotion performance in Pakistan.

Speaking on the occasion, Zehra Valliani, Executive Vice President of VAL Enterprises, briefly highlighted what she called the global network of the airline. She said "between our worldwide airline alliance and our own United Shuttle and United Express services, United really covers the globe. United offers more than 300 flights a week across the Atlantic which is unmatched by any carrier. With a modern fleet of nearly 600 aircraft and United connection enables the passengers to have an access to 500 airlines, 30,000 hotels and 45 car rental companies.

She said that United Airlines while continuing its policy of offering quality at affordable prices has launched an attractive visit USA fare this summer which carries a bonus coupon on any "Star Alliance" partners. It is also offering daily connections to European hubs for onward connections to USA and Canada with very attractive incentive levels.


She said that today, all operations of United Airlines are guided by customers' satisfaction policy, which enables the airline to manage its resources to delivering a better, more professional travel experience. United Airlines, she said, is the first US carrier to offer first class beds on international flights via Atlantic and Pacific. United first suite equipped with bed is a personal comfort form zone--the technology for ultimate in maximum comfort, United business technological advance seats design for comfort and entertainment and United economy, emphasizes relaxation, conform and warmth. United Airlines special offer in Pakistan for First and Business class passengers is assisted service which includes luggage, check-in and handling facilities at the airport with airport pick and drop services to First and Business class customers.

In an introduction of the airline she outlined the prominent features of United product and services and frequencies, on some of its main European hubs, London, Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam besides others. Also on pacific gateways Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul.

For the customers from Pakistan, the advantage of flying United is meet the customers at the airports and provide pick and drop service to First and Business class passengers and suitable connections from United's European hubs to anywhere in the USA. Various features of the most modern fleet of Boeing 747-400 and Boeing 777 were also explained by Zehra. She claimed that United is the first US carrier to offer the superb First Class Suite with a personal comfort zone equipped with bed- the technology for the ultimate in maximum comfort. United Business technological advance seats are designed for comfort and entertainment and United economy emphasizes relaxation, comfort and warmth.

United, along with the network of its 9 major "Star Alliance" partners can offer connections to almost anywhere in the world, with more than 600 destinations worldwide. United itself has a departure of more than 2300 flights daily. United is the first US carrier in Pakistan to go electronic ticketing from November'99 (a gift for the millennium) from United.

Zehra thanked the travel trade for their excellent support and hoped that the goal and objective is to make United the 'Airline of Choice' for travel from Pakistan to USA for the millennium as United offers a superior service, super product and a worldwide network strength.