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Like its counterparts the worldover, Pakistani film industry suffered a serious blow by the advent of VCR in the middle of 1980s. Unlike these counterparts, however, the Pakistani film industry shows less ability to benefit from the present revival due to lack of 'technically correct' films and a sharp decline in annual production. The easy availability of videos of Indian and English movies as well as an increasing penetration of foreign satellite channels pose new threats to the local industry. The question is: Will the local industry be able to compete in the years to come?


The Corporate Excellence Award instituted by MAP has provided incentives to listed companies to adopt progressive management techniques and thus optimize productivity. These companies serve as role models and inspire others to improve their management practices.


The GoP has ultimately decided to intervene in cotton trade and APTMA has been made part of the monitoring body. The purpose of intervention is said to be an attempt to bail out growers but it is also against those spinners who had not imported cotton. Import of nearly one million cotton bales, despite at a very high cost, has pushed the local prices of cotton to a very low.


The international oil prices shot up from $10.50 in June 1999 to the current level of $24 per barrel which may impair the government's calculations to pocket about Rs60 billion as development surcharge on the retail price of POL products during the current fiscal.


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