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For the Record

Sep 20, 1999

For the Record
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Biotechnology and agriculture
Microsoft opens its doors to Pakistan

*** "MR LEGHARI constructed a swimming pool at a cost of Rs 15.6 million [$ 300,000 at current exchange rate]. He used to go on helicopters for hunting. It was calculated that every bird shot down by him cost the exchequer Rs 32,000 [$ 615]. Mr Leghari did not use local cartridges, he was fond of imported ones . . . he could not be prosecuted as it was his prerogative"

(Zulfikar Ali Khosa, the governor of Punjab, criticising former president and chief of Millat Party, Farooq Leghari for his extravagant life style during his tenure as head of the state)

*** "A RAIL accident in India cost the minister in charge his office but authorities here are apparently unmoved at the downing of a million-dollar plane and loss of 17 precious lives."

(Father of martyred Lt. Zarar Ahmad, Malik Mansoor Ahmad, demanding a public enquiry about the downing of Pakistan Navy’s unarmed aircraft Atlantique by Indian MIGs within Pakistan’s air space)

*** "A MAN offered him sums of money to become involved in an Asian betting syndicate. Fleming immediately rejected the offer and reported the matter to team manager John Graham."

(Report sent by New Zealand Cricket Council to International Cricket Council that skipper Stephen Fleming was offered bribe to throw the third test to England during the recent tour)

*** "I HAVEN’T seen anyone doing such a thing . . . I don’t think it happens but if it happens they have to be very good at it."

(Wasim Akram, after being reinstated as captain of cricket squad after the Pakistan Cricket Board claimed that no match-fixing charge has been established against him and teammates Salim Malik and Ijaz Ahmad)

*** "SINCE THE days of martial law such measures have not been taken and never has a peaceful opposition stopped from non-violent protest in this manner."

(Police action slammed by united opposition whose rally was dispersed by police which resorted to indiscriminate baton charging, tear-gassing and arrests of protestors in Karachi not sparing even women and journalists)

*** "THE ARAB world was wrong to stay idle during the embargo on Libya. Its silence helped prolong the plight of the Libyan people and the resulting 34 billion dollars’ worth of damage to their economy. The lesson here is for the Arab world not to repeat the same mistake in Iraq."

(Editorial of UAE Daily Gulf News that alienation would force Iraq to look elsewhere for support like Libya which has reached out to African leaders to seek their solidarity to establish the ‘United States of Africa')

*** "JUST AS there is no such thing as gratitude in politics, so there is no such thing as mercy in the media. Always remember that once you have spoken— even on the telephone— to a reporter, you place yourself at their mercy. And for all time."

(Flamboyant maverick conservative politician Alan Clark’s posthumously published article blasting UK’s ‘sadistic’ press days after his death)

*** "I DON’T TRUST scientists. I don’t care what happens to me, but I wouldn’t feed it to kids. Who knows what kind of problems this might cause in the future?"

(Diner at a Tokyo restaurant serving cloned beef)

*** "WE HAVE established that the sale of kidneys has been going on for years and the number one foreign clients are the Japanese."

(Senator Juan Flavier, head of Philippine Seante’s health committee which is drafting a bill to temporarily ban unregulated transplantation among non-relatives, particularly foreigners)

*** "I EXPECTED with the feminist movement that things would be changed more. Instead, it seems that we backslide. Men come to New York, and they’re going to have some kind of exciting career and secondarily get married. Women come to New York thinking, ‘I’ll get married, and then I’ll think of something I want to do."

(US novelist Tama Janowitz whose new novel ‘A Certain Age’ takes a harsh stand on women and their attitudes)

*** "‘STRIP’ HAD serious heart problems . . . his heart beat was so slow at times that he simply fainted."

(Owner of a dog who underwent a pacemaker implantation by a human heart specialist in Hungry)

Edited by Syed M. Aslam