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Did WAPDA sign expensive IPP contracts?

The companies operating in Pakistan often post contrary results. While the working conditions and business environment are identical, performance of a company is the reflection of the vision of key decision makers headed by the CEO. From where does the CEO drive this strength? In this week's cover story, an effort is being made to find out the factors behind the exceptional success. This will provide a vision to others to emulate example of those who make a difference.


Serious apprehensions are being expressed regarding 'Mera Ghar". This scheme not only envisages huge expenditures but also reminds the fate of similar schemes initiated in the past. PAGE reviews the scheme in detail and its possible implication on the economy.


Pakistan needs better exchange rate policy to overcome balance of payment problems because the pursuit for export-led growth may not yield the desired results. It is expected that the tight exchange management policy may continue in the current financial year.


The corporate as well as the unorganized business sectors have to cope with 77 different taxes, including 20 federal taxes, 19 provincial taxes, 14 local taxes and 24 other levies, to carry out their business in Pakistan. People supported the strike, called by the traders on economic problems and not on political grounds. Massive tax reforms needed to save economy from political influences.


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