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Thinking Out Aloud

   Thinking Out Aloud
For the record

Sep 12, 1999

We are guilty if we have ever complained about something without doing anything personally to rectify the cause of our complaint. This very much includes the state of our economy, which always gives us cause to complain. The question is, what are we doing to address this complaint without increasing the frequency and nature of our complaints.

An economy is defined as a community's system of wealth creation. If one is to look just how we create our wealth, it should be no shock to see why we are in the horrid state that we find ourselves. First, we have to consider whether or not we all live as a community. The answer lies daily in our newspapers. The fact of the matter is that we can't stand each other. We are jealous if our neighbor is doing well and we all snicker secretly when our other neighbor is beset by problems. On the outside, we all look very civil and helpful but this is in most cases only because we don't want to look bad. We all want short term gain without putting up any effort whatsoever and we'll squash anyone who comes in our way.

We have to then first create a community. In the old days it was much easier. People lived in small towns or villages and there was a hierarchical system that was followed and everyone had their place within it. Everyone shared a common goal, the continuation and survival of the community and its values and principles. Although most of us no longer live in small towns, our community exists only in essence and energy. This results in the ethos of our country which is much more subtle at the individual level but very apparent at the national level ie. just plain selfishness.

Our 'creation of wealth' as a result exists only as an accumulation of individuals trying their best to enrich themselves and somehow our 'economy' has managed to barely stay strung together although we all know where it' s headed.

The solution is not easy and who knows which of our generations will see improvement. For our sakes and theirs, we need to take that first step forward together, to re-create that sense of communal living through our ideals and principles and thereby changing the whole national ethos. If each of us shares that goal and we dedicate ourselves to trying to live according to the 'higher' within ourselves, we shall all live in peace and contentment. The key in within each of us and not in our bosses, our bank accounts or in our government. I end with the words of one of our truly enlightened beings:

'whoever takes his self into account will profit, and whoever is heedless of it will lose, and whoever is fearful will be secure, and whoever discerns will comprehend, and whoever comprehends will have knowledge."

Ali Haider