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Cover Story
Hardwork is the key to success, says Ahmed Dawood;


   Shaukat Mirza - Former Chief
    Executive, Engro Chemical
    Mian Mohammed Latif -
     Chief Executive, Chenab Group.
    Alireza - MD, Shabbir Tiles.
    Ahmed Dawood -
     Chairman Dawood Group.
    Fazle Hassan -
     Director,  (IBA) Karachi.
    Zubyr Soomro - President, 
    Masood Hashmi -
     Deputy Managing Director,
     Orient McCann-Erickson.

"Never lose your hope while passing through unfavourable conditions or experiencing tough times"

Sep 13 - 19, 1999

"Pursue work not money. Get down to work and don’t pursue money. If you run after the money it might run away but if you concentrate on your work, money will automatically follow you. So work, work and only work." These golden words were said by Ahmed Dawood, one of the most outstanding personalities of trade and industry, while talking to PAGE on "What makes a successful business leader?"

Ahmed Dawood observed, "Unfortunately we as a nation failed to develop a culture where people feel pleasure while working hard. At the age of 94 he still has the will to go through a full-day work at his prestigious office.

Revealing the secret of success in his typical style, Ahmed Dawood advised, "Leave your nose (ego, arrogance or hot temperament) at home while going out for work." Generally speaking it is the temperament which matters in success or failure.

Born in 1905 at Bantwa of Kathiawar State (India), Ahmed Dawood started his career as a small businessman in 1920 and never looked back. From a bicycle of Rs16 he travelled to a position where most modern means of communications wait for him at his door step.

"Never lose your hope while passing through unfavourable conditions or facing tough times. Ultimately things would change favourably provided you remain committed to your belief and work. "Odds and evens" are the part of life and should be taken in that way, he remarked.

Ahmed Dawood had lost all his business assets worth millions of rupees, spread all over India including Bantwa, Madras, Calcutta, Bombay and other cities at the time of creation of Pakistan in 1947. He had to face another serious setback at the time of Dhaka fall in 1971. At that time he again lost huge industrial and business projects like Kernafuly Paper Mills Limited, Kernafuly Rayon and Chemicals Limited, Dawood Jute Mills and Dawood Shipping Company with a fleet of 25 cargo ships. All these assets slipped out of his hand with the separation of the then East Pakistan. Dawood Group of Companies had to suffer huge losses due to nationalization policy enforced during Bhutto regime. Major industrial projects of Dawood Group including Dawood Petroleum and Central Life Insurance Company Limited were nationalized by the then government in 1974.

Despite all these losses, Dawood Group managed to weather the storm and continued to retain its leading position on the economic front of the country.

According Ahmed Dawood, who is a firm believer, " Time and circumstance snatched everything from me but Almighty Allah continued to shower His blessings."

Dejected with the nationalization policy of the government, Dawood left Pakistan for the United States along with his wife for a diversion. He proved his business acumen during his stay abroad and set up an oil exploration company which successfully discovered six oil wells in Texas. He, however, returned home in 1977.

Dawood Group of Companies: Currently, Dawood Group is comprised of more than 15 large industrial and trade organizations in Pakistan from where thousands of workers are earning their bread and butter.

He initiated his industrial activities by establishing Dawood Cotton Mills Ltd at Landhi Industrial area in 1952.

Dawood Corporation (pvt) Limited.: Established in 1948, Dawood Corporation played a key role in controlling various organizations set up by Dawood Group in different parts of the country.

Burewala Textile Mill: Before taking over the management control of Burewala project, located at Vehari, it was being run by the public sector as a sick unit. Dawood Group soon put it into a profit making organization. It was selected among 25 top companies listed with Karachi Stock Exchange.

Dawood Hercules Chemicals Ltd.: It was a joint venture in collaboration with Hercules Company of the United States established at Shaikhupura, Punjab in 1968.

Lawrencepur Woollen And Textile Mills: Lawrencepur unit is an internationally known textile project.

Dilon Limited: This project has the credit to start production of filament yarn for the first time in Pakistan.

Central Insurance Company Ltd: Central Insurance Company (pvt) Ltd, National Mines (pvt) Limited, Asian Cooperative Society Limited and D.G. Mudarba (pvt) Limited are among several other commercially viable projects being run by Dawood Group. B