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Cover Story
Creation of true corporate culture prerequisite for rapid economic growth


   Shaukat Mirza - Former Chief
    Executive, Engro Chemical
    Mian Mohammed Latif -
     Chief Executive, Chenab Group.
    Alireza - MD, Shabbir Tiles.
    Ahmed Dawood -
     Chairman Dawood Group.
    Fazle Hassan -
     Director,  (IBA) Karachi.
    Zubyr Soomro - President, 
    Masood Hashmi -
     Deputy Managing Director,
     Orient McCann-Erickson. 

Alireza, MD Shabbir Tiles emphasizes on human resource development for success in business;

Sep 13 - 19, 1999

Alireza M. Alladin, Managing Director of Shabbir Tiles & Ceramics Limited, a project of Habib Group, has said that creation of a true corporate culture is a prerequisite for sound and rapid economic growth in Pakistan.

Speaking on "What makes a successful business leader?" Alireza said "People want to do everything by themselves while practically they are not able to achieve any objective."

Alireza, who introduced new dimensions of quality products in Ceramics and Tiles industry in Pakistan, has led Shabbir Tiles to the height where it commands a respectable place among the contemporaries.

Speaking chastely about a successful business leader, Alireza said that actually the top man in an organization is not supposed to do everything neither he should keep all the powers in his hands, the only thing he is required to do is to supervise the team of professionals having decision making powers in day to day affairs related to their sections or departments. This delegation of powers and responsibility gives them a lot of confidence and a true sense of association with the organization.

On the other hand, a team spirit among the staff members is almost non-existent in an atmosphere where the traditional system of "Maalik and Nokar" (Employer and the Employee) prevails.

A successful business leader has to be able to delegate powers of decision making independently to his team mates. The sense of liberty among the co-workers not only gives them confidence but creates a true sense of participation as well as association with the organization. Although it is generally said but practically speaking it is not done.

The nature of relationship between top man and his team is highly important for producing positive results. Dealing the co-workers with respect and affection costs nothing but does the magic in harmonizing the working atmosphere. Unfortunately we are lacking this culture in Pakistan. The sense of arrogance generally reflected in the behaviour of the top bosses not only causes a gulf but gives an ugly picture of the working atmosphere, he remarked.

He said that the cliches of hardworking by an individual for running a successful business organization have now been replaced by smart working for person leading a business organization. The top man besides having the business knack and keen observations, should have discerning abilities to make a good use of the expertise of the professionals working in the organization.

Highlighting the importance of a team spirit which helps the top man to achieve the business targets, Alireza observed that it is not the finances, equipment or organization itself but a well-knitted team of dedicated, devoted and committed experts and professionals who are the real assets and essence of success because they are the real ones who produce results. He went on to say that results are not produced by money or machines, results are achieved by people, Alireza asserted.

Human resource development

Emphasis on human resource development is the most neglected part of our culture both at public and private sector levels. The human resource development is the most important segment of socio-economic growth of any society.

Whenever a culture of short term gains prevails in any society consequently a culture of selfishness automatically creeps into socio-economic values of the society. The most important factor of human resource development which provides a solid base for economic growth in the long run, is, however, neglected due to prevailing culture of short term gains. The sooner we realize the importance of human resource development the earlier we start our journey for socio economic growth of this country, he observed.

Alireza, who devotes 50 per cent of his time on the department of human resource development, said that ultimately it benefits to the organization as every thing belongs to the organization say it building, machines or products, all of them are looked after by these people.