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August 29, 1999

Petrol Prices

Recently Government of Pakistan increased the price of petrol and according to the new prices super petrol is Rs. 26.35 per litre and regular is Rs.25.35 p/l. Now this shocking news hadn't finished that we hear there may be another increase and the price of petrol can be 29 to 30 rupees per litre. In one year the 8 rupees per litre increase is unjust and harmful for public. Secondly the announcement by the Government that the increase in the price of petrol is not harmful to general public is not true. Because after a few days of this announcement, the petroleum companies increase the price of diesel when Government says that increase in the price of petrol is not harmful for general public than why does Government forget thousand of motorcycles and passenger cars. Taxies and rickshaws owners are also in general public. A Taxi driver said that drivers of airconditioned pajeros and land cruisers are not affected by the price of petrol so they allow for the increase price.

This can only mean that increase in price of petrol represents some conspiracy or secret deal because after the increase in the prices of petrol, people who have own conveyance are also compelled to travel on public bus which means an increase in income of transporters. The condition of public transport is beyond description.

According to a former finance minister, in international market the prices of petrol have decreased and government can sell Rs.10 per litre petrol but Government hasn't shown interest in the welfare of general public.

According to my suggestion this situation can be improved.

1) Condition the prices of petrol with international market because it will be decreasing the prices of petrol.

2) To encourage use of cars and transport which using CNG or Electricity or Solar energy instead of petrol.

3) Increase the annual capacity of work of national oil refinery to possible maximum limit.

4) To speed up the exploration work of oil in Pakistan for saving foreign exchange.

5) Built quality control cell for preventing adulteration in petrol.

6) Terminate all unnecessary taxes.

7) End the shortage of petrol and possible delivery in the nick of time.

8) Issue fitness certificate for oil tankers for solving problem of wastage.

9) Import oil from Arab countries.

Our plamers are more intelligent than us but I request them that plan for public welfare not for business - because petrol is the basic need of public and it is important that the prices of petrol are affordable for the public.

Karachi Muhammad


The young students having sparkling eyes with future ambitions in their hearts have recently passed through the matriculation examinations to enter into the ambit of higher education.

However the pathetic conditions in our colleges gave the first jolt to the students coming to the colleges to seek admissions.

The corrupt and inefficient staff at colleges has created uncalled for problems for the new comers.

The gross mismanagement and lack of interest on the part of the people at the helm of affairs at the college level has made the distribution of admission forms a great problem for the students.

The administration windows of the colleges can be seen crowded by girls and boy students right from morning to afternoon just to get a form.

Although the colleges are charging for distribution of admission forms but the inefficient clerical staff made the simple job of distribution of admission forms as a complex issue by creating confusions.

Why these unncessary hurdles have been allowed by the management. Why forms cannot be distributed swiftly without causing any problem for the poor guys. At least the college managements should be made responsible for distribution and porocessing of admission forms a simple matter. An effective check is also needed in the admission process and the corrupt should not be allowed to destroy our education system. Things should be made simple and corruption free at least in the education system.

Razzaq Bajwa