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Information Technology
E-Commerce in Pakistan

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Information Technology
E-Commerce in Pakistan
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August 23 - 29, 1999

This article is contributed by GB — The Information Marketing and Management Company

E-Commerce or business through Internet is becoming popular mode of trade in the world and most of the companies in America, Canada and Europe are doing most part of their business transactions through E-commerce.

The establishment of the electronic commerce will remove all barriers to enter into the global market. Now a small businessman operating from a small room in a remote area can compete the suppliers of big international chains with the help of e-commerce.

Internet has provided an opportunity to small traders with a meager capital in hand to do business all over the world through Internet. Now it is just a click of mouse and you get a big order from anywhere in the world.

Experts believe the electronic commerce will transform the present business transactions and will offer tremendous opportunities for small and medium size companies. Some international survey reports suggest that within 10 to 20 years the paper transactions would be replaced by e-commerce transactions. This will certainly be a revolution on advent of the new millennium.

E-commerce has provided an opportunity to small companies and new entrants to leap frog in the business world and succeed.

In Pakistan e-commerce is not so common, because of non-availability of a proper government policy framework and lack of telecommunication and other facilities.

The security of transactions and transfer of money is a major problem hindering growth of e-commerce in Pakistan. Most of companies are doing trading on Internet through other conventional safe modes. They use safe servers, placed in America or Europe.

Despite all its odds, the e-commerce has found its ways in Pakistan to flourish very efficiently in the recent past. Those who wish to do the business on Internet are doing it, but it is not so cost-effective.

Pakistani companies can easily make optimum use of the electronic commerce by taking bold decisions. For this purpose, they have to select reliable hardware as well as efficient and securer servers. The art of marketing and advertising would be an added advantage for rapid growth in business on Internet.

For marketing businesses on Internet the companies must have a very attractive and interactive web-site on Internet. This site should have easy-to-access domain name (www.yourcompany.com). The URL of that web site should be registered with all popular search engines like Yahoo, Alta Vista, Monster etc.

The best way of marketing a company on Internet is to put company's professionally designed banners, with URL link of the web page on popular search engines on web pages frequently visited by the users.

Another efficient and effective way to market your company is put entries on Internet Yellow Pages. Internet Yellow Pages are like the conventional Yellow Pages or directory of trade and industry, but they are different from the conventional Yellow Pages directory in a sense that it has entries of all those companies, which has their presence on Internet and they use emails for their business correspondence.

In Pakistan, a local company with its offices in US, Canada and England is in process of publishing "GB Internet Yellow Pages directory." The company offers entries of Pakistani companies as well individuals with their own Web pages on Internet. Almost all categories are free for entries in the directory, except one. For that category, nominal rates are charges for one year presence on Internet edition of the directory as well as entries in Hardcopy of it. The printed copy would be distributed to world over, besides in Pakistan.

On the payment category, the company offers free-web pages of the advertisers and those pages would be hosted free of cost on company's international Domain server: http//: www.world-yellowpages.com which is linked with one of the fastest Internet backbone named "T 1 " in Nevada (USA)

The directory would be available online with real time search. Its independent server is placed at one of the fastest ISP in USA.

Internet Yellow Pages directory is a new concept in the Pakistani market.

It is imperative in the present day world of high speed information technology, that no matter where you are, you must be just a point & click away from your:

• Company's web site

• Company's Database

• Product prices vis-a-vis industrial sales

• Off the shelf availability of products and services

• Web based free mailbox

• Cyber gold club

Ghani Brothers - The Information Management and Marketing Company, are publishing the Internet Yellow Pages directory. This company is part of Ghani Group of Companies.

A GB official said that his company wants Pakistani businesses and individuals abreast of technology as well as it provides know how about the concepts of global village, ecommerce (on-line shopping) from Pakistan and abroad.

Beside web-directory venture, the company offers hardware and other Internet solution. Web hosting services are provided at very competitive rates on international servers.


GB has recently been appointed as Pakistan's representative of an International webhosting company. This company offers web-hosting facilities from 30 MB server space to dedicated servers at very competitive rates. These rates are even less than the companies offering in Pakistan and this region. Its rates are one of the lowest, among all the companies of the world offering server spaces.

1. They offer facilities for e-commerce and provide a very efficient and quick customer support round-the-clock.

2. You can get your own domain name (www.yourcompanyname.com), a static IP address.

3. Unlimited free access to your server via TelnettFTPtVSA and all other compatible software.

4. Their server supports all the major site design software including Nestcape

Communicator /Gold, AOL Press, Net Objects Fusion, Front page, Delta Quick Site, Adobe PagetSite Mill etc.