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For the Record

22nd August, 1999

Karachi Beaches: A death trap
For the record
Information Technology
E-Commerce in Pakistan
Comoany Profile
Saudi Pak: On strong track
Up-gradation of KVR by FWO

*** "HE CREATED Pakistan out of sheer will and against all odds."

(Time magazine’s tribute to the founder of Pakistan, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, who was included in the list of most influential Asians of the 20th century)

*** "IT HAS BEEN a great honour for me, much more than I deserve."

(Cuban president, Fidel Castro, on the induction of his wax figure into Madam Tassaud’s wax museum in London)

*** "I DID’T WANT to service anyone, no one could buy me . Not everyone, and not everything can be bought in this country."

(Former Russian prime minister, Sergei Stepashin, blaming that refusal to defend clan interests cost him his job)

*** "HUNDREDS OF POOR families hire criminal gangs to kidnap young men to marry their daughters because of exorbitant dowries often demanded by the families of grooms."

(Social activists on increasing cases of abduction-weddings in India’s second most-populated and one of its poorest state, Bihar)

*** "WE CHOSE TO exercise restraint and fortitude, not due to any weakness, but only to save the people of the Subcontinent from a catastrophe, which should spare none to celebrate victories."

(Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s Independence Day address urging the world to take note of India’s provocative warlike stance)

*** "THE ONLY emissions are pure water vapour."

(Spokesman of Norsk Hydro, the biggest industrial hydrogen producer in Norway, after the testing of hydrogen-powered bus in Oslo)

*** "WE SENT a lot of seismologists to Turkey and told them to be aware of the danger, but they ignored us."

(Japanese experts who said Turkish authorities ignored their warnings that the region recently hit by the earthquake is one of the most dangerous in the world)

*** "A DOZEN SPECIAL viruses are being designed to infect the Indonesian electronic-communications system, including aviation."

(Jose Ramos Horta, co-winner of 1996 Nobel Peace prize and a leader of the East Timor resistance movement, threatening to unleash computer warfare on Indonesia if it prevents a free vote in an upcoming independence referendum in the troubled territory)

*** "I SEEM TO get more and more shoes, and I am afrai