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For the Record

15th August, 1999

Hepatitis B: A deadly disease
For the record

*** "The mobile jammed the plane’s navigation system. This is the first such incident in this country."

(A Chinese civil aviation official on the incident which sent China Air’s Cenghdu-Beijing flight to drift 30 degree off-course because a passenger failed to switch-off his mobile phone)

*** "The NSA [National Security Agency US], in collusion with the British government, has created the means to intercept almost every fax, e-mail and telephone call within the European Union."

(Report which has made European Union to discreetly gear-up for one of the most interesting legal battles to stop NSA, world’s most secretive intelligence agency, eavesdrop on the entire telecommunication system of the continent)

*** "What is the problem if the prime minister travels like a common man. If there is a security threat to VIPs, then take them by helicopters. But don’t disturb the common citizens."

(Delhi High Court censuring the Police for harassment and inconvenience caused to the general public due to erratic VIP motorcade movement on busy roads)

*** "A well considered judgement on a point of law or fact do require considerable time."

(The Senate standing committee on law, justice and parliamentary affairs rejecting the bill seeking legislation for early court decisions. The bill moved by a number of opposition members asked to adopt a fixed time-frame to decide cases, a huge number of which keep pending for years)

*** "After more than 25 years of discussion there will be legislation for death at one’s own request. This is a significant step in the right direction . . . Doctors find that children who have gone through such a long and tragic illness are capable of making their own decisions . . . If parents don’t want to cooperate it is the doctor’s duty to respect the wishes of their parents."

(The Voluntary Euthanasia Society and Royal Dutch Medical Association welcoming the government plans to extend legalise ‘mercy killings’ for terminally ill children as young as 12 years)

*** "Give us alternative shelter before demolishing the slums which house your domestic servants, day workers and many others."

(Leader of Bangladesh Association of the Homeless leading a procession of thousands of displaced persons whose slums were razed by the administration)

*** "We would like the Turkish authorities to accept their responsibility and pay reparations."

(Foreign minister, Kamal Kharazi, demanding payments from Turkey for launching a deadly air raid which killed five persons in Northwestern Iran last month)