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August 09, 1999

An open letter to KDA

It is nice to see that Karachi Development Authority (KDA) is spending millions of rupees on the construction of fly-overs to ease tariff congestion on roads. However, it has been observed that the pace of work on most of the under construction projects is extremely slow and a source of constant problem for the residents of the city.

But the real problem is that most of these fly-overs have been ill-conceived. To start with the fly-over constructed near Faisal Railway station is not only a hazard but some fatal accident take place. At the bus stop many passengers change the buses and have to cross the road. But no over-head pedestrian bridge has been constructed for crossing the road. Even the ramp has been constructed right in the middle of the road and has been a source of tariff jams.

The fly-over being constructed at NIPA crossing has further added to the miseries of people traveling by public transport. NIPA bus stop is also a junction for exchanging buses. Now the passengers desirous of getting a bus for Sabzai Mandi and adjacent area have to get down on the fly-over and walk down the ramp. Similarly people desirous of getting a bus for Sharea Faisal have to go upto Gulshan Chorangi.

Will KDA seriously look into the matter to solve the miseries of poor?

Mohammad Irtiza

The known Charter of the World Bank is to rehabilitation and development of the poor and developing countries. The financial assistance provided to any developing country by the World Bank, International Monetary Fund(IMF) and IFC is generally believed is aimed at to allevilate poverty from the countries in quest of funds. Contrary to this concept, the IMF has become notorious for unleashing price hike in developing countries specially in Asia region.

The World Bank and the IMF contrary to their charter are continued to pressurise the governments for imposing additional taxes on such commodities which have diversified effects on commodities essential for life. The recent case of such World Bank and IMF anti-poor behaviour is the condition of levy of general sales tax on Electricity, Gas and Petrol in Pakistan.

According to reports, Pakistn has agreed with the IMF and World bank to impose GST on Petrol, Gas and Electricity before the release of the next tranche of $270 million. Although it is claimed that levy GST would not bring any extra burden to the consumers. But sooner or later the levy of GST would ultimately have its cost push effects over all segments of the economy which may prove back breaking burden on the middle income group which is already vanishing from the social life. It means that there are going to be only two groups of the population in this country i.e. the rich or the Poor. How long the rich would survive is the question that would be answered by the time alone.

Abdul Karim Chandio


I want to focus on technological advancement of computers. Computer is going on spreading in the whole world like a spiderís web. But as everybody might be known about the disadvantage of computer which drives out of this sentence

ì It is not letting done any invention of more than its power

These days, especially in house hold sector, people are very much worried and confused about the computer technology, its merits and demerits and above all the expenses because expenses are the major problem. We are the people of developing country even after the ìNuclear Bomb Explosionî. We are agri-based countrymen. We cannot afford to have the high-tech technology while we also do not need it as much as we should.

To keep pace with the competitive era, people are buying very costly computers helplessly because they have to fulfill the needs of their childrenís and time. These days only the softwareís like Ms-office, word, excel, power-point, graphics softwareís and some network related softwareís which are produced in accordance with the current needs. But actually we do not need all that. Such high-tech softwareís does not equal the worth we are paying for.

Most of the works either in Business sector or Household sector are done through above-mentioned softwareís. Microsoft creates the whole problem. Microsoft manufactured Windows 95 that could not be installed on normal 386/486/586 computers effectively. It must need Pentium machine. Then Internet and WWW had been launched. It also need Pentium machine and Win 95 or onwards. So, just to fulfill the needs that based upon Microsoft softwareís and to capitalize on internet one must need to buy Pentium and Win 95 which cost ranges from 30,000 to 90,000. Now, you can imagine, it is not the justification. I would call it as legal, lawful and on-record dictation by Microsoft. So, everybody is kneeling down and helpless. We cannot do anything and paying more for less.