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For the Record

Ist August, 1999

A rough ride for the consumer
For the record
Politics & Policy
Refugees have no place to go

*** "The mosques are our barracks, the minarets our bayonets, the domes our helmets and the believers our soldiers."

(A poem written in 1912 by a renowned nationalist poet of Turkey quoted by former mayor of Istanbul, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, earning him a 10-month jail sentence. Recep, a member of pro-Islamist Virtue Party, was released last week after serving 119 days on sedition charges)

GN 25.7 P10

*** "It would cost the exchequer about Rs 100 million a day to physically keep a watch on the Kargil-Batalik stretch."

(Indian defence sources saying that the country has to fork out $ 2.3 million daily to maintain year-round guard on its Kashmir border)

GN 20.7 p16

*** "You had no regard for the alarm that would be caused to passengers by your stubborn and ignorant behaviour."

(Judge Anthony Ensor of Manchester crown court awarding an unprecedented one-year jail term to a worker of British Oil for using mobile phone on British Airways international flight)

GN 22.7 p1

*** "I dreamed last night you were gone."

(Placards held by Yugoslavian protestors demanding resignation of president, Slobodan Milosevic)

GN 25.7 p11

*** "The normal European rule is that they can be fined up to 10 per cent of the turnover of the business."

(A London analyst on the possibility of Coca-Cola and three of its bottlers to get record fines from the European Commission for abusing the company’s dominant market position to indulge in unethical sales practices)

GN 24.7 p21

*** "The Cold War mentality has by no means died out in the regional political and security arena . . . Asian people have had painful and unforgettable memories of the strong bullying the weak and wilful interference into their internal affairs, which should not be the choice for building peace in the Asia-Pacific."

(Foreign minister of China, Tang Jiaxuan, warning the world against interfering in its affairs with Taiwan)

D 27.7 p14

*** "There is mounting evidence that what we call love is created by a chemical cocktail in the brain triggered through social conditions . . . The effect wears off, returning people to a relatively relaxed state of mind, within two years."

(Research conducted by professor Cindy Hazan of Cornell University, New York which said that for most people love lasts for no more than 30 months)

GN 26.7 p9

*** "I’m proud of being the first baby. But I don’t know I could go through what Mum did. I hate hospitals."

(World’s first test-tube baby, Louis Brown, celebrating her 21st birthday on July 25. She works as an assistant in a nursery in Bristol, UK)

GN 26.7 p9

*** "It’s been very satisfying to create her from nothing and I now relate to her as a person . . . she is very intelligent, has a good sense of humour and is a highly motivated person."

(Swedish designer, Steven Stahlberg, who spent over two years creating a computer simulated super-model)

GN 26.7 p9

*** "When you can hold talks with Pakistan and America over Kashmir, why not talk with Kashmiris?

(Mufti Mohammed Sayeed, a prominent Muslim leader of India’s main opposition Congress party in Indian-held Kashmir who quit the Party as a protest)

GN 26.7 p14

*** "They may damage us ... but nothing will be left of Pakistan."

(Former Indian Chief of Army Staff, General K.V. Krishna Rao, on the possibility of nuclear war with Pakistan)

GN 26.7 p14

*** "There known source of income doesn’t match with their lifestyle and assets."

(Chairman of the adhoc committee of the Pakistan Cricket Board, Mujeebur Rehman, probing the performance of World Cup squad. Skipper Wasim Akram, Salim Malik and Saeed Anwar have been barred from selection for the national team last week)

GN 26.7 p28

*** "It’s all right saying things are getting better, but I’am afraid that I just don’t see it . . . You’ve not mentioned pensions which I feel strongly about. We feel our pensions are nowhere near enough to feed us."

(Eighty-two-year UK pensioner, Micky Lewis, rejecting prime minister Tony Blair’s explanations on the need to be fiscally prudent and for his failure to fulfil his election promises for improved health and pensions facilities)

Edited by Syed M. Aslam