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ChenOne Changing Life Styles

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Chenab Group's globally acclaimed quality now also available in Karachi

By Shabbir H. Kazmi
July 26 - August 1, 1999

During this past week ChenOne fashion store was inaugurated in Karachi. Federal State Minister and Chairman Export Promotion Bureau, M. A. Wajid Jawad was the guest of honour at the inaugural ceremony. The hi-fashion tide at ChenOne brings a complete range of ladies, men and children's wear both in eastern and western styles mixed with high quality 100 per cent cotton and array of blended fabrics. Exclusive range of designer furniture, a unique and wide range in home textiles, kitchen accessories and a lot more are offered at the ChenOne.

Wajid Jawad, in his inaugural address, said: "While the government is making efforts to increase Pakistan's exports, it is necessary to acknowledge the efforts of Chenab Group."

With annual exports well over Rs 3 billion the Group has been the recipient of FPCCI's Export Performance Award for the last seven consecutive years. Mian Mohammad Latif, Chief Executive Chenab Fabrics and Processing Mills Limited, has been awarded by FPCCI "The Businessman of the Year Award for 1998".

In his welcome address, Mian Mohammad Latif said, "Chenab Group, while helping people around the world to makes a true statement of their image through clothings, opened the door of this unique opportunity to the fellow nationals in 1997 with opening ChenOne in Islamabad." Since a lot of buyers from Karachi were visiting and purchasing their preferred brand from fashion stores in the northern part of the country, it was considered appropriate to establish one such store in Karachi- the heart of Pakistan. This store will display all the products made by Chenab Group. The foreign buyers, with very tight schedule and unable to go to Lahore/Faisalabad, can get a feeling about the high quality standards of Chenab products.

There has been a scheme at ChenOne stores whereby buyers making purchases for over Rs 2,000 are given a coupon for the lucky draw. Under the same scheme a family from Karachi visited ChenOne in Lahore and won a Toyota Corolla car. Key of the car was given to the lucky family by the Chairman Export Promotion Bureau in Karachi at the inaugural ceremony.

This correspondent, along with the chief guest and other dignitaries at the ceremony, visited the store and found that superior quality products made by Chenab Group were available at very attractive prices. Cozy environment, attractive interior decor and courteous sales staff make buying a memorable experience. The facility to buy such a wide range of products under one roof compels a person to say that ChenOne is a store for the whole family. Superior quality and attractive prices will encourage the people, accustomed to 'foreign products' to switch over to ChenOne without compromising quality.