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July 19 - 25, 1999

"GB World Internet Yellow Pages"

With the growing use of Internet and email in businesses and corporate world, the need for a database of such companies is being felt. Ghani Group is pleased to announce that a "GB World Internet Yellow Pages" is being launched in Pakistan.

GB, dealing in Information Management and Marketing has taken the task to publish Internet Yellow Pages.

GB Internet Yellow Pages will provide a database for the companies hooked with Internet. Directory will consist brief profile of company (introduction) its e-mail, website address (if company has website), telephone number, fax number, and mailing address. Having a dynamic web-page not only provides an opportunity to a company to introduce its products, but it also facilitates to get inquiries from potential clients and receive orders through electronics means and, of course, within shortest possible time.

The main objective of publishing the GB Internet Yellow Pages is to help Pakistani companies introduce them in the international market. Now Pakistani companies can get access to the international companies that have Internet web page or email address and correspond to their counterpart for business. Internet Yellow Pages will not contain information about Pakistani companies, but will also provide information about companies all over the world.

The directory will also be sold in USA and Canada through Ghani Group's Canada Office in Toranto.

Ghani Group offers unique opportunity to the Pakistani companies to place their entries in the Yellow Pages, free of cost in 14 categories. Entries in only one category is on nominal charges. Companies coming into "Business and Economics" categories can publish their brief introduction, email address, website, mailing addresses and telephone numbers. At least 1353 sub-categories will come under this category, most of them should do commercial ventures. Individuals having web pages and email addresses are also being offered free entries in the Internet Yellow Pages in a special category.

Some of the categories, which are being offered free of cost included: Arts and Music, Communication, Computing and Mathematics, Education, Engineering and Technology, Entertainment, Government and Politics, Health and Medicine, Internet, Law and Criminal Justice, Popular Culture, Religion and Philosophy, Science and Technology and Sports and Recreation.

Directory will be available:

On internet (On-line)

Published form (Hard copy)

The on-line directory will be available on Internet Yellow Pages international website which is hosted in USA and it is website address is:


The website will be faster than normal websites located in Pakistan because its connected to one of the fastest backbones in USA.

Besides list of companies and individuals, a complete information about Internet Service Providers (ISP), Glossary of Terms and Acronyms and how to add or update resources in the directory will be provided at the end of the Internet Yellow Pages. Thousands of useful websites, news group, mailing lists, chat forums and email addresses will be available in Internet Yellow Pages.

In Pakistan, most of companies are using email for their correspondence with their clients world over, but they do not have any WebPages. The GB World Internet Yellow Pages offers a unique opportunity to Pakistani companies to get an Internet web-page, designed free of cost and hosted for a year on booking of advertisements in the directory. For the first 50 advertiser companies, this free web page facility will be available on first-come-first-serve basis. On booking of just a quarter-page advertisement on the directory, the GB will design a web-page of 100 KB (two A-4 size pages) and provide free hosting facility on the Internet for one year. Size of the web page can also be increased on nominal charges. Initially this free web-page facility will also be available to all those who will book advertisements of Rs. 2000 or more.

GB World Internet Yellow Pages will be distributed free of cost to Export promotion offices world-wide, chambers of commerce and industry throughout the world, Pakistan embassies and trade office abroad, leading business houses in Pakistan, foreign missions, Fortune 500 companies, World's 500 leading software houses.

President kcci hails the decision of phasing out banks' raffle scheme

Mr. Javed Muslim, President, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Karachi, in a press release issued, has hailed the SBP decision to phase out all the existing lottery schemes, launched by some major banks and that no bank would be allowed to launch such lottery scheme in future.

"The Chamber has been repeatedly advocating for the withdrawal of such schemes, since their inception, as these schemes have drawn huge public money at lower rate of return, thus creating serious implications on the economy by sucking away sizeable funds from the market and squeezing the availability of investible funds to the entrepreneurs", he explained.

The Chamber Chief added that these funds were lent at a much higher rate of markup, thus securing huge profits to the banks due to wide spread between lending and deposit rates.

The President of the Chamber pointed out that in these lottery scheme, only few were the beneficiary, whereas rest of them fell victim of frustration in the event of not winning the prize and the productive sector was deprived of funds. "In fact, the modus operandi of these schemes were not different from that of gambling", he observed.

"That is why, earlier, the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) had also declared the banks prize schemes as un-Islamic and against the sound banking principles because it was creating problems for the banks relying on normal banking instruments for deposit raising," he disclosed.

The KCCI Chief urged that the banks should follow the normal course of mobilizing funds by raising the rate of return on deposits, improving their financial position through better performance and reduced overhead expenses which are relatively much higher in Pakistan than the foreign countries.

The Chamber's President also urged upon all the banks to consult this premier Chamber before launching any such scheme for mobilizing funds from the public.

Mobilink-GSM Gives Away Round-The-World Ticket

Mobilink GSM organized a prize distribution ceremony for the winner of the Mobilink Week Round-The-World ticket at their 205-B E.I. Lines Daudpota Road Business Centre, recently.

The winner of the Grand Bumper Prize was Mian Maqbool Hussain of Karachi who was awarded the ticket by Mr. Asif Pervaiz, Corporate Customer Services Manager, Mobilink GSM. The ticket includes a visit to more than 10 countries.

"Its great to be the lucky winner and travel around the world, I am excited and equally appreciative of the way Mobilink GSM conducted the Mobilink Week; The Company certainly provides the best cellular service in Pakistan", said Mian Maqbool Hussain, the proud winner who embarks on a journey around the world!

During the Mobilink Week from May 31 to June 6 Mobilink-GSM conducted various lucky draws and distributed 5000 gifts as part of the highly successful promotion.

The employees who put extra efforts during the Mobilink Week were also awarded certificates of appreciation and gifts. Atif Anwer, Regional Marketing Coordinator and Saqlain Haider, Marketing Executive organized and supervized the event.

Mobilink GSM, launched in 1994, is a joint venture between Motorola International Development Corporation, International Wirelsss Communications Limited and Saif Telecom (Private) Limited in Pakistan. Currently, it is the market leader in GSM cellular services here with more than 120 cell-sites stations throughout the country.

More jewellers join "ARY - bullionaire contest"

More and more jewellery stores from the famous jewellery centers at Saddar, Tariq Road in Karachi, Lahore and other adjoining areas are responding to the trade-call by signing - up for the recently announced ARY Bullionaire Contest as Privilege Outlets.

The event is being sponsored and organized by renowned bullion dealers ARY Traders and is scheduled to be held in the region from August 01 to December 02, 1999.

"This is for the second time we are organizing this event in the region. This year, we have included Pakistan also in our contest because of the tremendous response from the Pakistan jewellery trade", said Mr. Muhammad Iqbal, Executive Director, ARY Jewellers, Dubai.

The participating Jewellers / Privilege Outlets are getting ready to exhibit the ARY "Rainbow" products and sell their top-of-line products, breath taking designs and provide the unique opportunity to their discerning customers of winning 20 Kilos of gold plus other attractive gold prizes.

A purchase of ARY Rainbow Products or ARY Gold Bars or Rs. 5,000/- worth of gold jewellery from any participating "Privileged Outlets", the customer will be entitled to a coupon. A lucky draw on a worldwide basis will be held in Dubai every month and 20 prizes of 100 grams of gold each will be given as prizes. The ARY Bullionaire Grand Draw will be held at the end of the contest and the Lucky Winner will be entitled to a Bumper Prize of 20 Kilos of Gold.

The top ten Jewellers of the ARY Bullionaire Contest in Pakistan with the highest number of sales will also be awarded attractive prizes. The first prize of a kilo of gold will be given to the jeweller with the highest number of sales, second prize will be of 1/2 kilo of gold and third to tenth will be given 250 grams of gold, each respectively.

ARY Jewellers is a Dubai-based jewellery organization and has launched a number of gold products, the most popular being the "ARY Rainbow Hearts" and "Rainbow Millennium".


ARY Jewellers, Dubai announced the launch of ARY Bullionaire contest and the inclusion of Pakistan in the worldwide event at a press conference recently. Photo shows Mr. Muhammad Iqbal (3rd from L) and Mr. Jan Muhammad (4th from L) of ARY Jewellers Dubai, along with Mr. Yusuf Akhtar Hussain (2nd from L) and Mr. Shahbaz Butt of the World Gold Council, addressing, the media.

American Express announces marketing alliance with First Women Bank-Pakistan

American Express, the world's largest travel related service company and First Women Bank announced a marketing alliance which allows the sale of all currencies of American Express Travellers Cheques in all authorized dealing branches of First Women Bank.

Announcing this alliance Mr. Naveed Ahmed, Area Manager, Travellers Cheque Group Pakistan said, as a result of this marketing alliance, the niche market specially catered by First Women Bank and tourists will find it extremely convenient to buy and encash Travellers Cheques in all the major metros.

"Under this marketing arrangement, all currencies of Amercian Express Travellers Cheques can be sold and accepted for encashment at authorized foreign exchange branches of First Women Bank".

Ms. Siddiqueh Khalil further added that the Travellers Cheques we prefer to sell the one most preferred the world over - American Express Travellers Cheques.

American Express which invented the Travellers Cheques in 1891 is today the largest issuer worldwide. Its 1998 global Travellers Cheques volume was 24 billion with Pakistan being one of the company's significant contributor.

American Express is the worlds largest travel agency with more than US $ 20 billion in annualized travel sales from its owned offices. The company has a network of more than 1700 travel service offices (Owned and representative) in more than 120 countries. Present in Pakistan since 1947, American Express provides high quality travel services to corporate in Pakistan and a network of 3 locations across the country.

American Express Company is a diversified travel and financial services company founded in 1850. The company is a world leader in charge and credit cards, travellers cheques, travel financial planning, investment product, insurance and international banking.

Site association of industry

On the initiative of Mr. Majyd Aziz, Chairman, SITE Association of Industry a powerful meeting was held yesterday do discuss the cases of defaulting units in SITE Area as per the list provided by KESC.

Mr. Majyd Aziz, who is also Director of KESC, while discussing the matter with Mr. Khalid Jamil, General Manager (CS) KESC in a meeting held in SITE Association office a few days earlier, had defended the industrialists and requested the latter to allow a little time to examine the cases as in most of the cases, the dues belong to the current month bills or some firm adjustments which have not been carried out by KESC in the past despite repeated requests.

According to KESC there are about 146 industrial units including some big residential units in SITE Area which have not paid KESC bills and which amount come to over 150 million. The Committee headed by Mr. Abbas Akbarali Member Managing Committee and Mr. Mohammad Naseem Khan, Secretary, picked up nine cases out of 146 cases and transparently examined them in presence of the representatives of the industrialists and KESC representatives Mr. Azam Pahnwar, Acting Chief Controller Billing and Mr. Mohammed Rafiq, Deputy Chief Controller Billing (SITE Zone).

The Committee's finding was that out of these nine cases, seven industries had paid the dues, submitted the doouments but the same had not been adjusted in the next bills due to non-coordination among the Billing and the Computer Departments of KESC, non presentation of internal advice regarding payment of bills, installation and rectification of meters etc. to the respective departments. As a result of which the arrears were continuing to appear in the bills and the consumers who were actually not at fault, had to rush every month to get the arrears deleted from the bills which is very tiresome and a lot of time is wasted incomin and going. This practice should be discarded with immediate effect in order to provide better service to the consumers. The Committee also noted that the staff at Billing Department are limited and over burned due to which the work suffers.

American Express Bank

The following profit rates have been declared by American Express Bank Ltd on different categories of PLS deposits for the six months period ended on June 30, 1999:-

7 days notice                           5.5%
30 days notice                         6.5%
Savings                                   7.0%
Rupee Plus (average)              11.84%
3 months                                 8.0%
6 months                                 9.0%
1 year                                    10.5%

Habib Bank Limited

Habib Bank Limited (HBL) announced Dr. M. Sohail Ayub of Wazirabad as the 14th Lucky person to become a Crore Pati. He won the Bumper Prize of Rs. 1 Crore (ten million) on his Crore-Pati Deposit Certificate No. 625021 in the draw held on Wednesday, 14th July. The grand prize of Rs. 500,000 went to Mr. Zahid Rafiq of Multan, holding the Crore-Pati deposit Certificate No. 441322.

Famous TV actor Shakeel was the chief guest for the 15th Crore-Pati draw, who initiated the computer bellet, and announced the above lucky winners. Mr. Rahat Kazmi hosted the ceremony as always.

Since July 1998, HBL has distributed prizes worth more than Rs. 165 million, to the Crore-Pati Deposit Certificate holders, besides giving them around 6 to 8 percentprofit on their savings, which is equivalent to or more than the profit rate offered on most saving accounts. The Crore-Pati Certificates have benefited more than 2500 despositors among which 14 lucky winners have become Crore-Pati, while the rest have bagged prizes ranging between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 500,000 each. Many winners have also won special draw prizes, such as Cars, Gold bars, Televisions, etc.