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July 12 - 18, 1999


The 1971 debacle of East Pakistan , was indeed very tragic. The Pakistanis can never forget this tragedy that befell them about 28 years ago, due to the dastardly designs of the foreign powers. These powers fully backed India to dismember Pakistan, through direct military intervention. Dismemberment of Pakistan was an international conspiracy. The United States of America and its other Western Allies played a pivotal role in the dismemberment of Pakistan in 1971. They openly supported India's blatant aggression against Pakistan,

resulting in the ultimate break up of the country. Why didn't the United States of America and it Allies then stop India from openly imparting guerrilla training to the separatists on her own soil? Why didn't they then stop India from directly meddling in the internal affairs of Pakistan? Why didn't they then ask India to desist from direct military intervention in East Pakistan? India defied all norms of International Law and got away with it. It had been able to do so, because it had unflinching support and blessings of the international community,

and also the so-called "neutral" dispute resolving world body--"The United Nations." What every sensible person today finds difficult to digest

is why the US and its Western Allies are now persistently after Pakistan

rather then India to withdraw its forces from Kargil? Pakistan has

been repeatedly saying that those fighting in Kargil are freedom fighters, and over whom it has no control whatsoever. Why is the

West still adamant to label them as Pakistani forces? Why do they want Pakistan to given in? Why don't they instead sternly ask India to resolve the long-pending, core issue of Kashmir by immediately holding a plebiscite there? What Pakistan has been saying since 1948, and what

it is saying today is nothing different from what the United Nations Security Council had unanimously agreed upon fifty years ago. According to the UN Security Council Resolutions of 1948, occupied Kashmir was declared a disputed territory, and its resolution was guaranteed/sought through a plebiscite in the held territory. Any

deviation from this clearly spelled out mode for dealing with the Kashmir problem would reflect nothing but West's hypocracy and hegemonistic designs. Will the developed nations of theWest, for once, prove that the impression we in this part of the world hold about them is incorrect, and that they believe in dealing with all the members of the developing world evenhandedly?

M. Fazal Elahi #139, St.72, G-9/3 Islamabad Ph: 815467


Consumer protection bill

It is indeed very gratifying to note that the Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan (CRCP) has been invited to participate in the establishment of Consumer Courts and Consumer Councils in Punjab and has sent its proposals to the committee which is drafting a bill to protect consumer rights.

While the CRCP has already asked for greater representation to the consumers on the proposed committee drafting the bill, I would like to point out a basic requirement in this connection. Advertising profession, which is directly related to the interest of consumers and in fact influences their purchasing habits, requirements and preferences, needs to be represented on this committee.

It is advertising which projects and protects the interests of the manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers by highlighting the plus points of goods and services. Leading advertising agencies conduct market and consumer research before embarking upon their ad campaigns to boost the sales of goods and services, which constitute the country's main source of economic and industrial development as well.

They fully realise the ins and outs of the goods offered for sales and the likes and dislikes or preferences of the consumers. They can greatly benefit the interests of the committee, the manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers by projecting their perspective which will greatly help in the drafting of the proposed bill.

It is, therefore, suggested that leading advertising agencies may also be invited to nominate their representatives to contribute in drafting the bill by the committee on suitable lines to make it exhaustive, all encompassing and more effective. This is important and may please be treated as

Karachi Abdul Ghafur, Chairman, Adarts Karachi (Pvt) Ltd.,