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For the Record

July 12, 1999

Unemployment Situation
in Pakistan

For the record

*** "The people of Kashmir are not a party to these (1949 UN Resolutions and 1972 Pakistan-India Simla Accord) agreements (on the issue and status of the Line of Control) nor do they feel obliged to comply with interim arrangements that freeze the fulfilment of their rights and aspirations."

(Memorandum addressed to British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, by Kashmiri parties in the UK rejecting attempts to transform the Line of Control into an international border)

*** "Pakistan should not compromise on nonsense. The door should be slammed on India until they realise that sports and politics are two different things."

(Former Pakistani captain, Intikhab Alam, hitting out at and agreeing with Indian players demanding severing cricketing relations with Pakistan over the Kargil conflict)

*** "I will give whatever is left of my life for the upliftment of the poor . . . If I have my way, there will be no poor Filipino."

(Former First Lady, Imelda Marcos, celebrating her 70th birthday. The glittering three-day event was attended by 3,000 guests)

*** "As we reached our destination at a height of 14,000 feet a voice on our radio set speaking in Punjabi invited us to climb up and join the boys from Fifth Punjab Regiment for tea and snacks. We were cold so we climbed . . . straight into machinegun fire."

(An Indian soldier, recollecting how he and his colleagues were lured into an ambush which killed six troops at point blank range in Kaksar region of Indian occupied Kashmir)

*** "India cannot carry on taking casualties at this rate . . . Something has to give and very soon . . . We may have to start thinking of crossing the Line of Control."

(Former Indian army chief, Vishwanath Sharma, explaining why New Delhi is under pressure to open new fronts with Pakistan)

*** "How a man could accept a Nobel peace prize after being responsible for bombing the life out of a neutral country (Cambodia), for extending a war well beyond the necessary (Vietnam), and for destabilisng a democratically elected Marxist government (Allende’s in Chile). Didn’t you feel a fraud?"

(Jeremy Paxman, host of BBC radio programme ‘Start The Week’, inviting former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s comment which infuriated him to leave the studio in the middle of the talk)

*** "People say they are impressed by the courage shown by Osama bin Laden in challenging and defying the United States and speaking out for the oppressed Muslims."

(Finding of a survey in remote Dir Region of Pakistan bordering with Afghanistan which revealed that Osama has become the most popular name for new born boys)

*** "This is the political equivalent of bombing the supply lines . . . There is only so much political money out there, and every dollar that goes to [Bush] is a dollar that doesn’t go anywhere else."

(A political analyst on US presidential hopeful Geore W. Bush fund raising figures which surpassed all his rivals. To date Bush has raked $ 36.3 million in donations compared to $ 18.2 million by Al Gore, the sitting Vice President)

*** "We will at least make an appeal [to the mujahideen]. Whether they will respond or not will depend largely on how the international community addresses their concerns."

(Foreign Minister Sartaj Aziz on return from talks between U.S. President Clinton and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Washington)

*** "Malaria is the leading health problem in Africa south of Sahara today. Almost all the 550 million people in the region run the risk of malaria. The disease attacks between 270 and 480 million people and kills between 1.5 to 2.7 million people each year."

(WHO report highlighting shortage of funds for its Roll Back Malaria project in Africa and saying that it needs $ 2 billion to implement the project)

*** "We reject any appeal by Pakistan to vacate our positions. Our struggle in the Kargil-Dras sector will continue until the last drop of our blood. We will not vacate the positions."

Mohammad Salahuddin, chief of the United Front which represents 15 Kashmiri organisations whose fighters hold strategic peaks in Indian-held Kashmir)