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For the Record

July 05,1999

Leadership 2000
For the record
Hamdard University
New face of corporate Pakistan

*** "Companies invest where there are markets, and the US is one of the few places in the world where gun ownership proliferates . . . When people talk about guns in America, they tend to talk about patriotism and try to wrap it in the American flag."

(Executive of European gun manufacturing company explaining why European exporters prefer the biggest and the least regulated gun market of the world, the US)

*** "It was like a fish market, with passengers pleading and running around like madmen trying to persuade airline officials to allow them to fly with their baggage."

(An angry traveller who was forced to fly without baggage on state-owned Pakistan International Airlines on its Dubai to Balochistan flight. Balochistan bound expatriates were made to fly baggageless as poor runways forced the Airline to use small aircraft)

*** "I think there was a measure of justification in those allegations and Washington never denied it . . . That was worrisome because it not only undermined Unscom but it could undermine future disarmament regimes. The suspicion will always be there: ‘Are they coming to disarm or are they coming to spy.’"

(UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, saying that there was some evidence that Iraq’s allegations of Unscom weapons inspectors spying for Washington were justified)

*** "It is very difficult to avoid filming the sleeping MPs because they are always in the background. They are representatives of thousands of people so they should not go to parliament for a sleep. They should do it at home."

(Reaction of a director of one of many local television networks whose crews were banned by the Cambodian government to film snoozing MPs in the parliament)

*** "Kashmiris have the right to decide their own fate. Give us the vote. End all fighting in our homeland."

(Shabbir Shah, president of Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party, leading a procession in Srinagar which demanded plebiscite for the independence of Indian occupied Kashmir. He was later arrested by the police)

*** "I don’t want to be full of hate. I built a wall around my heart when the Serbs were here, but what they did was stronger than my wall."

(Aida, a 24-year old ethnic Albanian, recollecting atrocities committed by the Serbs in Kosovo)

*** "We estimate that 50 per cent of the drugs coming into Albania donated by non-medical organisations are inappropriate or useless."

(Indro Mattei, member of WHO’s audit team and humanitarian group, Pharmacists Without Borders, on useless drugs flooding the Kosovar refugee camps)

*** "I don’t think they made an attempt on my life."

(Uzbekistan president, Islam Karimov, regretting the death sentence handed down by the Uzbek Supreme Court to six men for an alleged plot to assassinate him)

*** "People believe their eyes more than the legalistic explanation. They are unable to understand how a lawyer in the employment of the state is expected to prosecute those who belong to the party of his employer with freedom and commitment required for that purpose."

(President of Supreme Court Bar Association, Abid Minto, saying that the acquittal of the Supreme Court stormers belonging to the ruling Muslim League, including members of the parliament, had not been well received by the people)

*** "We found Sudan’s foreign debts standing at more than 20 billion US dollars. With God’s wish, everything is in order and the country is now doing without any foreign assistance."

(Lt. Gen Omar Hassan al Bashir, president of Sudan, informing the people that the country has freed itself from foreign aid during his address to the nation)

*** "We will not accept any Indo-Pakistan secret accord until Kashmiri political leadership and Mujahideen commanders are taken into confidence."

(Syed Salahuddin Ahmed, chairman of United Jihad Council, rejecting any withdrawal of mujahideen from positions in Kargil-Dras sector in Indian occupied Kashmir. The council is an alliance of 14 Kashmiri freedom fighter groups)