A new chapter in handling and storage of liquid chemicals

Oct 12 - 18, 1998


Engro Paktank Terminal (Pvt) Limited (ETPL) is a joint venture between Engro Chemical Pakistan Limited and Paktank Asia Pacific Limited, a subsidiary of Royal Pakhoed of the Netherlands. The joint venture was incorporated in 1995.

ETPL provides facilities to handle and store bulk liquid in a safe, efficient and environment-friendly manner. The Company has signed an implementation agreement with Port Qasim Authority which gives the right to handle and store liquid and gaseous chemicals and petrochemicals at its terminal.

ETPL has constructed facilities for the storage and developed infrastructure facilities for the integrated bulk liquid chemical terminal and storage farm. In the first phase, 41,000 cubic meter storage facility, together with a 75,000 dwt jetty, has been constructed together with associated facilities. The project is located at the Indus delta at a deep water approach channel, approximately 40 kilometers from the open sea. The tank farm is situated on reclaimed land in the Port Qasim harbour area on a 100 acre site adjacent to the jetty. The design of the facility complies fully with all relevant local and international standards and requirements.

The main features of the facilities:

  • A jetty and mooring dolphins for ships up to 75,000 dwt, whereas at present channel depth allows ships up to approximately 45,000dwt to reach Port Qasim.

  • Off-loading of products from vessels is carried out through dedicated Marine Loading Arms or hoses.

  • The jetty, which comprises of concrete trestle approximately 1.1 kilometers long, is constructed on piles with a service road parallel to a pipeway for product pipelines, utilities and fire fighting system.

  • Product transfer pipelines from the jetty to the storage tank area.

  • Currently, there are five storage tanks of both stainless and carbon steel, having a total capacity of 41,000 cubic meters

  • Respective truck loading facilities for dispatching products to customers.

  • Ancillary facilities such as electrical power supply, fire fighting system, nitrogen system, waste-handling system etc.


Engro Chemical Pakistan Limited is Pakistan's second largest producer of fertilizer. In order to continue its leadership role, Engro is currently making substantial investment in expanding its core business and diversifying into new businesses.

Royal Pakhoed of the Netherlands is among the world leaders in handling and tank storage of liquid oil and chemicals and distribution of chemical products. It is a key player in shipping of chemicals in Europe and has a number of specialised logistic services. Pakhoed operates in North America, Europe and Asia with operating companies in 25 countries. The Company has a global storage capacity of 16 million cubic meters, while its ships and barges carry more than 5 million tonnes of products per annum. ETPL is Pakhoed's first investment in Pakistan.

ICI Pakistan's PTA plant is the first and main client for the time being for the storage of Paraxylene and Acetic Acid but the Company is capable of handling all types of liquid and gaseous liquid chemicals. The cost of first phase of the project was US$ 60 million. After concluding a deal with the ICI Pakistan, the Company is working on phase II, which will cost another US$ 16 million. In this phase facilities are being created for handling and storage of acid for FFC-Jordan, Engro Asahi and storage facilities for imported LPG.

According to C. Smith, the Chief Executive of the Company, the first contact with the local joint venture partner was established in early 1995. The construction was carried out at a fast speed and the first ship arrived at the jetty in the middle of 1998. For this, not only the efforts of joint venture partners were made, but, lenders and Board of Investment also played a key role. The foreign investment has come to Pakistan at a time when the local investors were even shy.

ETPL aims to maintain the world's highest industry standards to ensure safety and reliability. ETPL staff has been trained at one of Pakhoed's terminals in Rotterdam harbour for maintaining proper safety awareness and technical know-how/expertise. Various technical courses are also conducted on regular basis at the ETPL terminal.