Oct 26 - Nov 01, 1998

Ferozuddin Kazi, Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, University of Sindh, Allama I.I.Kazi Campus, Jamshoro, in an interview, emphasises on right curriculum which suits to our national needs, quality of education and uniform rates of fee thus segment to all beginent of society.

Question: Ovelview of the present business education system.

Answer: The number of the unrecognized foreign affiliated Business Schools has increased in private Sector which have badly- affected Business Schools of National and International repute in Pakistan.

Q: With the constant increase in the number of these institutes, how do we justify the supply-demand factor?

Ans: No doubt there is always need and demand for a good qualified Business Graduates. Degree of two years MBA is awarded in one year, people prefer quantity not quality education which adversely affect Business Graduates.

Q: What is the Government's policy on business education.

Ans. Government should recognize and encourage those Business Schools in Private Sector who has well qualified foreign & local faculty and resources etc. They should discourage those Business School owners who claim that they have Affiliation, but in reality their Institution do not have any charter in their own country.

Q: Problems facing the institutions as a result of the Government's policy.

Ans: New Education policy recently announced by the government is the need of hour and be implemented with immediately.

Q: Rccognition/registration of the private institutes by the government, what difference does it make?

Ans: Government must encourage those Business Schools of private sectors who have good qualified faculty and recourses to have a healthy competition among the private and public Business Schools.

Q: What is suppose to be UGC's role and what is its present role in business education?

Ans: The role of University Grants Commission for Business Schools is positive and they are registering and allowing only those Business Schools in private sector which fulfils the required conditions for quality education in Business Administration.

Q: There have been no common platform for the private institutions? Pls.comment.

Ans: There is no cross and check on:


Teaching Faculty

High fees

Duration of Studies

Therefore government should take strict measures in ensuring proper education system.

Q: Campus of foreign universities in Pakistan, are their standards upto that of their principals?

Ans: Government should study whether the status of the foreign affiliated Business Schools is of the same standard which they so claim.

Q: How to differentiate the genuine institutions from money making ones ?

Ans: Most of the foreign affiliated Business Schools are run with the motive of earnings more profit, ignoring the quality education then genuine ones .

Q. How close are the curriculum of these institutes to our national need?

Ans. The curriculum of the foreign affiliated Business Schools is hardly 15 % according to a national need.

Q. Outlook for business education in the country.

Ans. The basic need of today's Business Graduates is:

  • Developing curriculum according to national need.

  • Quality education & duration of studies.

  • Implementation of reasonable charges of fees at uniform rates for all Business Schools.