Jan 16 - 22, 20

Human resource is one of the most critical components of human prosperity and can even be considered as the sin qua non of the economic growth of structured organizations.

Labor force in industrialized countries is becoming expensive while there are few countries like Pakistan which have the abundance of human power to circulate their strength and create a balance.

One can cite a million examples of the advantages of skilled labor and its abundant availability.

Pakistan is blessed with the multitude of humans that reside within its boundary walls. Thousands of household workers are working at below international wages.

Millions of children are employed in industrial factories on meager wages due to the abundance of workers in the factory areas.

Faisalabad and Sialkot are labeled as the national hub and center of textile and sports industries and this is not due to the creative minds that are working round the clock or the machinery being exported from Italy, but by and large due to the cheap labor available in the inner and outer skirts of the city. Faisalabad is on the back of the economy due to the movement of human hands and bodies.

Pakistan is facing bad economic conditions as well as political and social instabilities. However, there is a hope for improvement in the wake of abundant availability of cheap human resource. The need is to capitalize this potential by creating conducive environment for investment. When technological advancement happens, youth will be the first to take benefit from that.

Statistics from the government of Pakistan indicate that 60 percent of villages have graduate dropouts and are in search of work. Workers travel miles in search of work agog to find something that can keep their ovens warm. There are millions of applicants who are aspirants of jobs in public sector.

China is glaring example to be followed for achieving the goal of progress and prosperity in Pakistan. China is the only nation in the world that can boast exporting to all the countries in the world with the most diverse portfolio of goods. From millions of lead pencils that are shipped to South Africa to the little wooden dolls sold in the large toy stores in Australia, China has become a local brand. The reason behind China being victorious lies in the fact of handling and coordinating the people at mass production levels. China was successful in tapping into its infinite human resources and honed its labor force over the gradual passage of years.

With the advantage of millions of youth readily available, Pakistan requires to hone this sideline benefit and carve permanence in the world market. This will require massive measures and even create havoc for specific timeframes. If becoming a victor in the ever changing economy, then Pakistan needs to be in full alert and start measuring its key strengths, educating the masses, training the manpower and focusing on long term goals.

Pakistan is miles away from that ocean tides. It is only at its infancy. We need to concentrate on the simple and conducive market of mass production where hands are more important than focusing on manufacturing perplexed Intel chip coding patterns.

According to Punjab Chief Minister, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, the young generation is a guarantee to the glorious future of the country and the goal of national progress and prosperity can be achieved by equipping the youth with modern knowledge.

He said that Punjab government has taken revolutionary measures for the uplift of education sector in the province. He said that the measures taken for the promotion of quality education and equipping the young generation with the latest knowledge are yielding positive results.

The Chief Minister said that unprecedented measures have been taken for the promotion of quality education and information technology in the province. He said that the project of setting up IT labs in more than four thousand schools at a cost of five billion rupees has been completed transparently and in a record period of time and million of boy and girl students are getting modern knowledge and information about the latest inventions through these labs.

He said that a project has also been evolved for the distribution of 100,000 laptops in the province and like the project of IT labs, laptops will also be distributed in a transparent manner.

He said that this project of Punjab government would not only leave a far-reaching impact on education sector but will also provide an opportunity to the boy and girl students to gain latest information about research and modern technology. He said that provision of laptops to talented students is a glorious program and will be implemented expeditiously and transparently like other projects and the number of laptops will also be increased next year. He said that a major chunk of population is comprised of youth and unemployment problem can be overcome by imparting them various skills.

He said that government has also set up skills development fund in the province and distribution of interest-free loans of one billion rupees among skilled persons has been started. He said that establishment of Punjab educational endowment fund is a revolutionary step of Punjab government and scholarships are being awarded to talented students not only of Punjab but Azad Kashmir and other provinces as well from the fund.

He said that more than 30,000 brilliant students are benefiting from educational fund for pursuing their academic activities.

He said that Daanish schools have been set up for the provision of modern educational facilities to the boy and girl students of far-flung and backward areas. He said that not only free education is being provided to the poorest of the poor students in Daanish schools but they are also being offered free of cost boarding and lodging facilities.

He said that the provincial government has also launched Aashiyana housing scheme for providing shelter to workers, laborers, peasants, orphans, widows and hapless people and such residential facilities have been made available in these schemes as were available earlier only in the residential colonies of the officers and the rich. He said that in order to provide job opportunities to the educated youth, yellow cab scheme is being implemented expeditiously and yellow cabs are being given to the youth in a transparent manner.