Apr 16 - 22, 20

Everyday, we are reminded of the far reaching impact of a changed global economy. As we make our way in this new terrain, we continue to believe that Agility is uniquely qualified to make a difference. We also believe that now, more than ever, is the time to give back. Social responsibility will remain at the core of Agility's culture in good times and bad.

At Agility, we are driven by the opportunity to go above and beyond for our customers in the challenging world of global logistics. In emerging markets and developed economies alike, we activate the can-do attitude of our people, our spirit of partnership, and our local knowledge to do whatever it takes to get the job done. This spirit of personal service does not end with our customers. We also are committed to giving back to our local communities and to the very planet we live in. We believe that it helps us grow our future as a company in an interconnected world.

"Being a responsible company should be good for the communities in which we work. At Agility, it has been our experience that everyone benefits from employee-led community projects. Our employees feel personally rewarded by their volunteer efforts; Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and charities receive some much-needed assistance; and commercially, we develop as our employees strengthen networks between Agility offices and departments, and partner organizations. This is business as it should be, because it allows for sustainability in the long term."

Moin Malik, Chief Executive, Agility Pakistan


Since 2006, Agility has done 120 community projects, in over 40 countries reaching 286,000 people worldwide. Over 5,000 employees each year volunteer to get involved in their communities.

Agility has long recognised that, as a company, we have an important responsibility to the communities that we serve. We remain committed to support activities that improve the lives of our people. Social responsibility will remain at the core of Agility's culture. We believe that it helps us grow our future as a company in an interconnected world.

In Pakistan, Agility has focused on four main areas:

- Education
- Health
- Environment &
- Humanitarian Logistics


Agility Logistics has entered into an agreement with The Citizens Foundation (TCF) to support TCF's education program in villages and urban slums. Through the Education Program, Agility together with TCF is spreading literacy, targeting those areas which are less privileged. Agility is supporting TCF Primary Schools to educate and enlighten the upcoming less privileged generation, thus helping the community in revolutionizing and empowering the youth of the country.

Apart from financial donation Agility employees make sure to volunteer their time for TCF School children.


Agility Volunteers organized a book reading programme at the TCF Khuda Bux Goth School to encourage children's interest in reading. During the activity the children not only enjoyed exploring the world of reading with Agility volunteers but also enjoyed their warm friendship.

In addition to the book reading activity Agility volunteers also donated 200 gifts to the Citizens Foundation School. The Volunteers helped distribute the gifts amongst students at the school, using the opportunity to interact with the children and emphasize the importance of education for a brighter future.


One of the best things about Earth Day is the opportunity to teach our children about the environment that they are inheriting.

For the Earth Day 2011 Agility Pakistan volunteers decided to organize a tree planting activity at TCF School. The activity aimed at raising awareness for the local children on protecting the environment & reducing CO2 levels.

Eight employees voluntarily participated in this event, planting a total of 50 plants on the premises of TCF School. After the planting, Agility volunteers & TCF children took an "Earth Day pledge to keep the environment clean."


Agility Pakistan volunteers organized a trip to the Zoo for more than 50 children from The Citizens Foundation School on their request, as the children have not been to the Zoo before. The visit brought smiles and looks of astonishment to the children's faces. The kids enjoyed viewing all of the different exhibits. Finally they had the opportunity to see and learn more about the wildlife in Pakistan. Agility volunteers spent an enjoyable afternoon interacting with the children, making music, and having lunch together.


Under the global education drive Agility Logistics have donated college furniture to Government Degree College for Women Mustafa Abad, Lahore to enhance the learning environment for the students who need them the most.

The furniture supplies donation will have widespread effects, helping students get their college year off to a great start. Over 1200 students will benefit from Agility's donation every year.


Agility is providing financial support to Soch Foundation to purchase vital medical equipments, medicines, renovate and add new health care facilities and programs to enhance the quality and accessibility of health care facilities to the underprivileged population of Karachi. Each month around 3,500 patients gets free of cost treatment at SOCH foundation Hospitals.


Agility Pakistan organized a blood donation drive in collaboration with Fatimid Foundation a leading local NGO working for Thalassaemia patients. Around 30 volunteers donated blood for children suffering from a range of chronic and life threatening illnesses. Through this CSR activity Agility Pakistan raised awareness around Thalassemia and other blood diseases.


Under our sustainability programme Agility launched a tree plantation drive. The campaign was driven across Agility offices in Pakistan. Around 100 Agility volunteers participated in the tree planting activity. The activity intended to raise awareness of environmental issues and highlight Agility's continued commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.

As a responsible corporate citizen Agility Pakistan is continuing to adapt to global environmental guidelines, implantation of substantial measures to improve environmental record & full integration of environmental awareness into business strategy and operations. We are working actively to strengthen our global commitment to the environment by implementing measures to prevent pollution, reduce over-consumption of energy and physical resources and minimize waste.


Agility's Pakistan office also took an active hand in the area of humanitarian logistics.

During 2011 and 2010 torrential rains, Pakistan faced its worst monsoon floods in 80 years. Within days of receiving a request from the global logistics cluster, which is chaired by the World Food Program, Agility Pakistan mobilized a local network of volunteers to provide assistance on the ground. Agility's in-kind services included warehousing space and logistics services, refrigerated storage facilities and transportation of goods to the flood affected areas.

Agility employees in Pakistan responded on a personal level by donating a day's salary per month over a period of three months. Agility matched this amount to further support those affected by Pakistan's worst natural disaster ever. Agility employees around the world also contributed funds to the effort. Agility employees in Qatar organized a donation drive to collect clothes, blankets and canned food items for the affected people. The Fanar Center, a non-profit organization, sent and distributed these items in Pakistan.

In 2009 as a result of internal fighting an estimated 2 million people had been displaced from their homes and were forced to relocate to camps or host communities in neighboring regions. World Food Programme (WFP) initiated a project through which it provided monthly supplies to 100,000 displaced people per day. Agility provided airport services, surface transport, trucks and warehousing free of charge to the WFP. Agility also donated 10,000 sq ft. of warehouse space in Karachi for collection and segregation of donations to the Relief Bank Centre in Karachi as well as 2,000 sq ft of cold storage for the central warehouse in Peshawar.